Your PC Ran into a Problem and Needs to Restart Windows 8 – Fix It

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Are you facing Windows 8 error your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart? If you are facing a troubling issue, then you will have complete information about the solutions that you could use to solve the problem. The significant reasons why such error occurs is due to the corrupted file system, overheating issue, virus attack, force shutdown, and deletion of registry files. 

Part 1: How to Fix 'Your PC ran into a problem' if you cannot boot Windows in Safe Mode

What is Safe Mode in Windows 8?

Safe Mode is the diagnostic mode in the Windows 8 operating system. The software will help fix most of the problems in this mode and remove rogue programs present in the system. It is your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart Windows 8 solution. You can boot your Windows 8 computer in the Safe Mode using the steps mentioned:

1. Enable the Charms Bar by moving the cursor to the upper corner.

2. Choose the "Settings" and navigate to the "Change PC Settings" feature. Under this, select the "Update and Recovery" and pick the "Recovery" option. From the menu that appears, click the "Restart Now" feature.

3. Select the "Troubleshoot" feature and click the "Advanced Options". Click "Start-up Settings". Choose "Restart".

4. You can choose the different options available for Safe Mode. Select the preferred option by using F keys according to the number.

Solution 1: Scan and Repair Windows System Files

You can utilize the built-in System File Checker application to scan and repair corrupted system files in the operating system. You can utilize the file checker only when you log into the system as an Administrator.

1. Login into Windows 8 as Administrator. Press Windows and C keys together to open the Charm bar.

2. In the search field, input command prompt or cmd.

3. From the output, right-click on the Command prompt and choose "Run as Administrator". Key in the password.  After the command prompt loads, input the following: sfc /scannow.

4. The command will scan for the corrupted files in the system.

Solution 2: Modify Memory Dump Settings

A memory dump is where your Windows collects information when there is an error. The files contain the memory at the point of the crash. These files help diagnose the problem. Windows 8 can create different types of memory dumps, which you can access from the Control Setting panel.

1. Navigate to Control Panel and select System and Security features.

2. Click System. Click Advanced System Settings from the sidebar. Click the Advanced tab. Click Settings under the Startup and Recovery tab.

3. Under System Failure, enable both the options and ensure that Write debugging information is set to Automatic memory dump.

Solution 3: Perform System Restore

System restore is another solution for how to fix your PC ran into a problem Windows 8. The option available within the operating system helps in capturing the system files and settings automatically. It can be weekly or daily, or you can customize the requirement. The steps below will help you initialize the restoring point, from which you can set the computer to the previous date and avoid the problem.

1. Head to the Control Panel. You can input Control Panel in the search bar and press enter. After entering the Control Panel window, choose the System option. If you cannot see the option, click on the button that asks you to select between large and small icons.

2. In the new window, click the System Protection option. Activating it will help the system to open the Windows System Restore screen.

3. From the window, select the System Restore button. Once you click, Windows will ask you to choose from two different restoring options: Restoring from a point that Windows 8 provides or selecting the restore point from the available list. You can make your selection and press the Next button.

4. Windows will display what applications and drivers will affect due to the restoration. Ensure that you are going through the list to avoid unwanted changes to your computer. You can make a note of the drivers that need updates after restoring the system. You can wait for the operating system to fill the list or click the Scan for affected programs button.

5. You can now press the Restore button to start restoring your computer. The process should solve the problem that you are facing earlier.

Part 2: Solutions to 'Your PC Ran into a Problem' if you cannot boot Windows in Safe Mode

If you are facing install Windows 8 your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart, even after booting in safe mode, then use the following solutions.

Solution 1: Perform System Restore

System restore is a great feature, as you can restore your computer to a previous point and avoid significant troubles. Proceed with the following steps to get your computer fixed and avoid risks.

Please note that system restore for sure will make some files disappear permanently. Before you get down to the task, try iBeesoft Dbackup to back up important files, folders or even a whole hard drive.

1. Save all your work before proceeding with the procedure and close any running applications.

2. In the Start screen, type Restore Point and press Enter.

3. From the window that appears, click the Create a Restore Point option.

4. Click the System Restore button.

5. Click Next.

6. Before rolling back to a previous point, choose the point you want the system to restore and click the Scan for Affected Programs button or link.

7. If you do not see any major changes or problems indicated by Windows, you can close the message and click Next.

8. You can follow the instruction displayed on-screen to close programs and click Finish to allow the operating system to begin the restoration process.

Solution 2: Perform System Image Recovery (if you have system image backup)

If you have your system's image backup, then it is possible to avoid Windows 8 your PC ran into a problem. All you require is the image copy of your operating system. The steps below help you restore your computer using the system image.

1. Use the Windows and I keys together to launch More PC Settings windows.

2. Scroll down in the left pane and select the General option. Click Advanced Startup and click Restart Now. Click Troubleshoot.

3. Click Advanced Options. Click System Restore and pick the System Image Recovery option.

4. Upon restarting, you will see the System Image Recovery environment loaded. Enter your account details and click Continue.

5. Now, you will see the Re-image your computer wizard appears on the screen. If you have the image stored on an external drive, the tool will automatically identify and update it to the newest version. Click Select a system image and press Next if you like to opt for a different system image file.

6. Click the Advanced options, where you will notice two options: Search for a system image on the network and Install a Driver. We will use the later for a demonstration. You can connect to a remote network through your username and password.

7. Enter your network path and click OK.  Pick the image file for restoration and click Next. Choose the preferred image and click Next.

8. You will see a final summary of the image. Click Finish to confirm. After completion, you can restart your computer to notice that it is free from the startup error.

Solution 3: Restore Registry Configuration

Avoid your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart Win 8 with the following steps:

1. Press Windows and C together to launch the Charm Bar.

2. Input "regedit". Click "Yes" if you see a notification by User Account Control. Ensure that you selected Computer from the left side.

3. Head to File and click Export.  Enter the file name for the backup file. Select All under the range selection. Choose the location where you like to save the backup copy. Click Save. 

Part 3: Solutions to 'Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart' loop

The only solution to Windows 8 your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart loop is by restoring Windows 8 using Windows Installation Media. You can use the application to download the copy of Windows 8 onto a DVD or USB thumb drive. Additionally, you will need a reliable Internet connection. Upon completing the action, you can change the boot sequence settings from the Start menu to allow the computer to boot from the created Windows installation media. It can be a DVD or a USB drive.

The system will begin the installation procedure and take the necessary time to complete the clean installation. The process allows fixing all the major troubles that you can face or that you could not solve using different methods. Before proceeding with the installation media option, ensure that you created a backup of your computer's essential files. Ensuring a computer's health is vital. As you will be working and saving all your crucial documents on the system, learning how to protect them is essential. Even with care, the chances of operating system crashes are possible. It is here that you will use the solutions explained to restore your computer.

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