How to Fix Desktop Icon/Folder/Files Disappeared in Windows 11/10

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If there is something wrong with your computer operating system, files or folders can disappeared on desktop in Windows 11/10. In this case, try iBeesoft Data Recovery to retrieve the lost files quickly. And if shortcuts or icons disappear on the desktop, you need to create them again. Check out the details for how.

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If you have noticed Windows desktop icons disappeared from Windows 11/10 suddenly, then do not worry. You can try the different troubleshooting tips explained in this article to solve the issue. Depending on the error, you can choose a fix described here to overcome the same and start using your Windows 11/10 PC again.

Part 1. How to Fix Desktop Files Disappeared in Windows 11/10

If Windows desktop disappeared Windows 11/10 files are the problem, then understand that these files are not hiding anywhere in the system. Due to improper action, the files have been deleted from the system, and by using recovery software you can get these files back to their original state.

The best method and software you can use to recover the deleted files is the iBeesoft Data Recovery program. You can retrieve the deleted desktop files in three simple steps.

It is its algorithm that makes the program efficient and robust. It scans for all the recovery files and shows them on the screen along with a thumbnail preview.

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3 Steps to Recover Disappeared Desktop Files from Windows PC

1. Launch the program using the icon from the desktop. The iBeesoft display screen shows you the different file types that it can recover. You can choose only one or all the file types, depending on your need. Press the "Start" icon to proceed.

2. In the second step, select the scanning location. You will see all the partitions available on your computer, along with any externally connected storage devices and their volume. As you are recovering from your desktop, you must choose "Local Disk (C:)" as it contains the desktop files. Click the "Scan" button to recover deleted files in Windows 11/10 and more.

3. iBeesoft recover desktop disappeared files tool completes the scan and the time to complete the scan depends on the file type and the number of files. Upon completion, the software will show all the recoverable files arranged in an order. You can click the file extension type from the left pane to view the files at the screen's center. Clicking a file from the center space will show you the file's preview in the thumbnail view box. You can use this to mark the essential files from the desktop and press the "Recover" button. Pick a folder to store the files and wait for the software to complete the recovery.

You can opt for the "Deep Scan" mode if you think there are additional files available. Remember that the process is slow because it scans sector-by-sector.

Part 2. How to Fix Desktop Folder Disappeared in Windows 11/10

There is a possibility that desktop icons disappeared Windows 11/10 update. You can revert to the previous recovery point to ensure that the folder you created on the desktop and its files are present.

The chances of disappearing of a folder could be due to several reasons. However, update, improper operation, and accidental deletion are common reasons. You can fix Windows 11/10 desktop shortcuts disappearing by reinstalling the operating system. Nevertheless, it is essential to recover the files from the folder before formatting the hard drive. You can retrieve the folder and the files using iBeesoft Data Recovery.

You can repeat the recovery steps above. After then, you can create a new folder on the desktop and put all the recovered files. To prevent data loss again, I suggest you put the desktop folder to drive D. it’s a place better than the desktop. You know, if there is a problem with your computer OS, desktop files and folders can disappear right away.

Part 3. How to Fix Desktop Icon Disappeared on Windows 11/10

If you notice Windows 11/10 icons on the desktop disappeared, then it is time to know why it happened. However, if there are not, then the option to appear is turned off. You can activate it by right-clicking on desktop, View, and show desktop icons. If the checkmark is present beside the option, then the icons will appear. If there is no mark, you can click on it to activate.

Creating a Desktop Icon in Windows 11/10

You can follow the options below if you notice Windows 11/10 desktop empty after the update to get back the icons.

1. Click on the blank on your Windows 11/10 desktop and select Personalize.

2. Select Themes > Desktop icon settings.

3. In the following window, please select the icons you want to show on the desktop.

If any software or folder icon disappeared on the desktop, you’re supposed to find the software or folder, right-click on it and select "create shortcut".

It’s very important to keep your files safe. Saving them on your desktop is not a good idea, as a conflict or error can cause permanent misplacement. If you want to access the files on the desktop easily, create a shortcut for the folder in which saved these important files. And another optional idea is backing up files, folders, or drives with iBeesoft Dbackup, making it 100% secure for your files. It is reliable and efficient software to copy everything, including partitions, system, and even external drives to protect critical information.