Refund Policy for iBeesoft

iBeesoft all products offer free or trial versions for the user. So, you can try it before you purchase. No cost will be incurred during this process. If your purchasing any iBeesoft products, we will provide up to 60-day Money Back Guarantee. But not all refund requests will be accepted. iBeesoft generally does not refund in the following situations:

Circumstances of No Refund

  1. Purchase products or services for more than 60 days
  2. User malicious purchase-refund, fraudulent purchase or other unauthorized payment etc
  3. The problem of product price. Due to different countries have a different tax rate. iBeesoft product price may be varied in different regions.
  4. Due to technical failure, the user refused to cooperate with the support team or provide detailed instructions.

Accepted Refund Circumstances

  1. Purchase a wrong product. In this case, you can buy a right product again and contact us. We will accept the refund of the wrong product
  2. The same product, the user buys many times
  3. After successful purchase iBeesoft product, you did not receive the registration code or download link within 24 hours
  4. If you have a question about the iBeesoft product. The support team does not help you solve the problem within 3 days