Sony Photo Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Cybershot Camera

Yesterday, my son was one year old. So we held a family party and we took a lot of photos. Later, when I was sorting through the photos, I found a lot of similar ones, so I was ready to delete them. However, due to my wrong operation, all photos were deleted. I am very worried that I will never find it again. Now I want to know if there is any way to help me recover deleted photos from Sony Cybershot or Sony Cybershot camera photo recovery?

Don't worry, the incorrect deletion of photos causes them to disappear. It happens almost every day. Before starting Sony photo recovery, let's look many reasons that cause photos shot in Sony Cybershot camera lost.

  • Instead of deleting one unwanted photo, you mistakenly press the "Delete All" button to delete all photos.
  • While transferring photos from Sony Cybershot Camera to computer, an error cause the photos lost.
  • There is an error for the camera and you have to do a formatting with the result of all photo lose.
  • Though it seems there are some photos in Sony Cybershot Camera, you can’t access to some of them. When you try to open them, a pop-up telling you the photos do not exist.

No matter what scenarios you encounter for the Sony Cybershot camera photos lost, to retrieve these deleted or lost photos, you need a Sony Photo Recovery tool. I know that you may say there are so many results after you type in "sony cybershot photo recovery" in google, I still want to recommend you iBeesoft Data Recovery with the following reasons:

Your Safe & Effective Sony Photo Recovery Software


sony photo recovery software
  • It supports videos and photos in multiple formats. You never worry about the incompatibility issue at all.
  • It is easy-to-use. You never need to know any professional computer techniques to use it for Sony Cybershot photo recovery on Windows or Mac.
  • It is standalone and works great. The developer keeps upgrading it regularly. If you have any problem for recovering photos from Sony Cybershot camera, you’ll always get help at once.

The best photo recovery software to solve all photo loss problems, like deleting, formatting, drive displays as RAW, virus attack etc. It allows you to recover up to 200MB files from Sony Cybershot camera for totally free. You can’t find any Sony photo recovery tool let you do this without payment. Why not download it to try recover deleted photos from Sony Cybershot camera?

How to Recover Photos from Sony Cybershot Camera on Windows or Mac?

Here in the following i will introduce how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery to perform Sony photo recovery.

Step 1. Download the Sony Photo Recovery Software

Click the download button to download the corresponding version of iBeesoft Data Recovery. It has the separate version for both Windows and Mac photo recovery. Both of them works as great as the same. After then install it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect Sony Cybershot Camera with Computer

Use a digital cable to connect the Sony Cybershot camera with your computer, ensuring it connected successfully.

Step 3. Select photos to scan

Launch the Sony Photo Recovery software. After then, you can see all supported file types are listed in the main window with all of them checked. Please uncheck other ones except "Pictures". Click "Start" to recover photos from Sony Cybershot camera.

sony photo recovery

Step 4. Select Sony Camera to Scan

In the next window, select the Sony Camera and click "Scan", letting the software scan the Sony camera memory card/stick for the deleted or lost photos.

scanning sony cybershot camera to recover deleted photos

Step 5. Preview and Recover Photos from Sony

How long it takes to scan for the deleted or lost photos from Sony camera depends on how many photos are there. Generally speaking, it only takes a few minutes. After then, you can filter out the photos by selecting the file extension on the left side, then preview the results on the right side. When find the photos you want to recover, select them and click "Recover" to do sony photo recovery.

sony photo recovery

Note: to ensure the success of Sony photo recovery, please save the recovered phots to your computer, not to the memory card or stick again. Otherwise, they might get erased again.

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