How to Backup and Restore Outlook 2016 on Mac

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Outlook for Mac is a handy email application that covers a calendar, contact manager, task manager, note-taking, web browsing, and other features. Like everything else in the digital world, nothing is invulnerable to data loss. So, backing up your Outlook 2016 files is as important as backing up other personal data such as videos, photos, etc. In an event of data loss, a backup would help you easily restore your lost Outlook files. In this post, we’re going to walk you through all plausible ways to backup and restore Outlook 2016 on Mac.

Part 1: How to Backup Outlook 2016 on Mac

Outlook backup would create a copy of your emails and saves in a safe and secure location. This will come in handy to restore your emails along with the other important data in case of a data loss. To backup Outlook 2016 on Mac, there are two ways:

Method 1: Back up Outlook 2016 with Time Machine

If you consider Time Machine for backing up your Outlook data including emails, then you’ll need access to the external storage device to set it up to store Time Machine backups.

Below is the step-by-step guide to back up Outlook 2016 using Time Machine:

Step 1: Connect your external storage device to your Mac. From the "Apple Menu", click "System Preferences" > "Time Machine".

Step 2: Enable the "Time Machine" in the Time Machine dialog box and then tap "Select Backup Disk".

Step 3: Choose the location where you would like to store the Time Machine backup files and hit on "Use Disk".

Step 4: Tick the option that says "Back Up Automatically" to set Time Machine to back up everything on your Mac, which includes Outlook 2016 files.

Method 2: Back up Outlook 2016 by Exporting Files to an Archive file

Another method to backup Outlook 2016 on Mac is to export data to the archive file. Below is how to backup Mac Office 2011 Outlook by exporting to archive files:

Step 1: Open Outlook on your Mac, go to the "File" > "Export".

Step 2: Check the files that you would like to export, which include contacts, calendar, notes, etc in the "Export to Archive File (.olm)" box and then hit "Continue" to take Outlook backup in Mac OS.

Step 3: Select the "Downloads" folder under "Favorites" in Save As box and then hit "Save". Once it is done, hit on "Finish" and that’s it.

Part 2: How to Restore Outlook 2016 on Mac

If you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to restore your Outlook 2016 files on Mac, then the following two methods can help you with restoration.

Method 1: How to Restore Outlook with Time Machine

If you have backed up your Outlook files by using Time Machine, then follow the below steps to restore Outlook 2016 from Time Machine on Mac:

Step 1: To commence the process, connect your Time Machine backup drive to your system.

Step 2: Once your Mac detects the connected drive, click on the "Time Machine" in the Dock and then enter Time Machine.

Step 3: Tap the timeline and locate the backups - Outlook 2016 files and then hit "Restore".

That’s how you can restore Outlook 2016 Mac from Time Machine backup.

Needless to say, this method works only for those with Time Machine backup. What if there is no backup available and you end up losing your Outlook important files? No worries!! There is still a way and continue reading to find out that one.

Method 2: How to Restore Outlook 2016 Files on Mac without Backups

If you have no backup or even your Outlook 2016 backup get lost on Mac, then the last solution is to find the Mac file recovery tool to help you restore Outlook on Mac without Backup. That’s when the iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac role comes in to rescue your important data.

iBeesoft Data Recovery is a powerful software that can help you perform Outlook file recovery on Mac without any hassle. Indeed, this software comes in handy to get back every Mac file including photos, videos, documents, emails, etc. No matter how you lost the data due to accidental deletion, virus attack, software update or failure, iBeesoft works in all scenarios.

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So, get iBeesoft Data Recovery from its official site on Mac and then follow below step-by-step guide on how to restore Outlook 2016 files on Mac using the software:

Step 1: Select file types

Run this restore Outlook 2016 Mac program on your macOS. From the main interface, you need to select the target file types that you would like to recover and hit on the "Start" button.

Step 2: Choose a location

Next, you need to specify a location that you want the software to scan for lost files. Wait until the software completes the scan process.

Step 3: Preview and recover data

Once the scan is done, the software displays all the recoverable files that you can preview before recovery. Finally, select the ones you want to get back and hit on the "Recover" button.

That’s how to take Outlook backup in Mac OS and restore Outlook files from backup as well. As you can now see that if you don’t have a backup, then iBeesoft Data Recovery helps a lot to get back lost or deleted Outlook files on Mac without a backup. However, we still recommend you to create a copy of your important Outlook files on a regular basis.