How to Recover PDF Files on iPad [2022]

Updated to iPad Data Recovery Tips by Kisakye on May 7, 2022

Though the iPad is really a great replacement for a computer, it’s still not as convenient as using a computer to work on, especially when it comes to files transfer between different devices. It’s a closed OS. Here in the following, we’ll talk about how to recover PDF files on iPad. If it is a book downloaded from the iBook Store, then you need to redownload it. If it is a doc used on iPad, then try iBeesoft iPad Data Recovery to retrieve it. Check out the details below.

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"it seems all my PDF ebooks are gone after I upgrade my iPad operating system. I can’t find them. How can I recover PDF files on my iPad."

When you face an accident, just calm down. It’s a normal scenario for data loss on iPad. There are many reasons that cause data loss (PDF files) on iPad, such as iOS update, factory reset iPad, syncing errors, jailbreak, etc. There are 4 proven methods to recover PDF files on iPad. Try them to work it out.

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Method #1. Find PDF Files in iBooks
Method #2. Sync PDF eBooks on iPad
Method #3. Download Purchased PDF from Purchased
Method #4. Recover PDF Files with iOS Device Data Recovery

Method #1. Find PDF Files in iBooks

If the missing PDF files are not deleted, then it’s very likely they just missing. In this case, find them with the steps below.

  1. Open the iBook app on your iPad
  2. Click "Collections" > tick "All PDFs".

If they’re still missing try the following ways.

Method #2. Sync PDF eBooks on iPad

Sometimes, if there is any problem with your PDF eBooks on iPad, they’re fine on your other iOS devices. In this case, you can find lost PDF files by syncing from other devices with the option "Sync Collections".

Tap Settings > iBooks > Sync Collections.

By doing this, it means you have updated the sync collections with other iOS devices. If you haven’t made any changes to the PDF files on the other iOS devices, then you can recover PDF files here.

Method #3. Download Purchased PDF from Purchased

You know that all the purchase files on iBooks are marked for you. If you have removed the PDF eBooks and they were bought from iBooks, then you can retrieve the PDF files by re-download the purchased items.

  1. Open iBooks app on iPad
  2. Tap on Store > Purchased > Not on This iPad > select the PDF files to redownload them.

Method #4. Recover PDF Files with iOS Device Data Recovery

All the above-mentioned are PDF eBooks purchased on iBooks. How to recover deleted PDF files on iPad? If you have deleted them and can’t find them with the above-mentioned ways, then you must use the iPad Data Recovery software to scan or extract PDF files from iPad backup file.

Restore Deleted PDF Files with iPad Data Recovery

The best data recovery software for iPad is specially designed to get back files deleted or lost from iOS devices. It comes with 3 modes to recover files, namely scan iOS device to retrieve deleted files directly, extract needed files from iTunes backup or iCloud backup file. It’s a great tool to rescue deleted PDF files on iPad. Here are the steps for how to use to recover PDF files on iPad.

  1. Install the software on the computer
  2. Please note that though we’re going to find deleted PDF files on iPad, the recovery process is done on Windows PC or Mac. There is no app that can work on iPad to recover deleted files. Click the Download button to get the software, either the Windows or Mac version. It depends on your computer OS. After then, install it.

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  3. Select how to resume deleted PDF files on iPad
  4. As I have mentioned above, the best iPad data recovery software offers 3 ways for data recovery on the iPad. Choose the right one by yourself.

The 4th method ensured you recover deleted PDF files on your iPad successfully if you have backup files. And it will increase the success rate of data recovery if you hurry up to do the recovery with the iOS data recovery soon when you find files are lost on the iPad. Never miss the right method and right time to get data back. Any delay may cause data overwritten issues.