How to Recover Data from Lenovo Laptop (Yoga/Thinkpad Covered)

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Just as with other devices, data loss on a Lenovo Yoga laptop is a common occurrence and it can be as a result of different things. Of course, it can be frustrating when you cannot find an important file on your device because it has been accidentally deleted. However, you do not have to fret much.

With the right guidance and appropriate tools, you can easily get back lost files from your Lenovo Yoga/Thinkpad laptop. If you are wondering about how to restore data from Lenovo Yoga、Thinkpad, this post is for you.

This post provides a detailed guide on how you can recover lost/deleted files on a Lenovo Yoga/Thinkpad laptop using 3 different methods. Before exploring the different solutions to retrieve deleted photos from Lenovo computer, let us look at some reasons why you may data on your Lenovo laptop.

Part 1. Causes of Data Loss on Lenovo Yoga/Thinkpad Laptop

Part 2. How to Restore Files from Lenovo Computer

With an understanding of what could cause data loss on your Lenovo laptop, the next step is to know how to recover deleted photos on Lenovo laptop. It should be noted that apart from photos, you can also find any data on your computer using the solutions provided in this post. Let us check out these solutions one after the other.

Solution #1. Get Deleted Files Back from Lenovo Laptop by Recycle Bin

If you accidentally delete data from your Lenovo laptop, it leaves where it was initially stored and goes to the Recycle Bin. It stays in this location for at least thirty days before it is permanently deleted.

So, if the lost data has not been permanently deleted, it is possible to recover it without any extra tools from the Recycle Bin. You can find the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop. To get back files from Lenovo laptop, including how to recover photos from Lenovo laptop, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop.
  2. Use the "Search box" at the top right-hand corner of the Recycle Bin window to search for the file name. Simply type the file name in the space with "Search Recycle Bin" and wait for the page to search for the file.
  3. If the file has been deleted and sent to the Recycle Bin, it will show up in the window. Simply click on the file item you want to recover and click on "Restore this item" at the top of the page. This will restore your file to its original location.

If the file is not in the Recycle Bin, there is the likelihood that it has not been deleted. It may have been moved to another location mistakenly. To check for the file, open File Explorer in /C:drive/ or any other local drive and type in the file name. If the file is saved elsewhere, the search result will display it.

Solution #2. Retrieve Files from Lenovo Laptop by Restoring from Previous Version

Another solution to recover pictures from Lenovo is to restore your computer system from the previous version. It is possible to lose data while upgrading to a newer version and when this happens, one of the best solutions is to restore the system to locate the files. Here are the steps on how to recover data from Lenovo laptop through this solution.

  1. Open the folder that contains the file that is missing.
  2. Right-click on the folder and select "Properties".
  3. Click on the "Previous Versions" tab.
  4. Browse through the available options and select from the listed dates with auto restore.
  5. Check for the file name and when you have found it, click on "Restore".

After the older version has been restored, the backup files will be restored and you would be able to access the lost data.

Solution #3: Recover Permanently Deleted Data/Photos on Lenovo Laptop with Data Recovery Software

If you are unable to restore the lost files from the backup, you may have to use third-party software to find the data. There are many data recovery tools in the market but we recommend the iBeesoft Data Recovery.

It is perfect for recovering deleted and lost files from Lenovo Yoga/Thinkpad laptop. It is highly effective and 100% safe and secure. Here are some features that make the tool a highly recommended undelete and format recovery software.

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  • The laptop hard drive recovery solution supports over 1000 file types, such as documents, graphics, archives, emails, photos, videos, audio files, notes, reports, bookmarks, and browser history, and more from Lenovo laptop.
  • Easily locates target files with filter.
  • Enables scanning and previewing of files before recovery.
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Step-by-step Guide on How to Restore Permanently Deleted Files from a Lenovo Thinkpad/Yoga

Download and install the iBeesoft Data Recovery software. You can use the free trial to get started as it lets you see all the recoverable files before performing the recovery. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems and completely virus-free. It is also free to install.

  1. Launch the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool and choose the hard drive, recycle bin, or folder to scan for the lost data and click on the "Scan" button.
  2. You can filter the file types to reduce the scanning time. Click on "Go to Settings" on the window and deselect the unwanted file types. If you are unsure of where the deleted files are located, please the disk/partition to scan.

  3. Preview the file recoverable files that are displayed and select the files to recover. You can easily check the details of the recoverable files displayed by previewing them. Select the target files and click "Recover". This will save the files on your Lenovo computer.

These are the steps on how to get back deleted data, including photos on Lenovo laptop. It is essential to mention that the iBeesoft Free Data Recovery tool allows you to recover up to 2GB of deleted/lost data. However, if you want to access more features on the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool, you may want to activate the full version of the software.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Data Recovery from Lenovo Computer

Q: How do I resume files on my Lenovo laptop?

A: You can recover data from your Lenovo laptop by going through the recycle bin to find the files or using "Restore to the previous version". However, if either of these methods does not work, you should consider using the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool because of its effectiveness. It works greatly on how to recover files lost from a Lenovo laptop.

  • Download and install the iBeesoft Data Recovery.
  • Select a location and click the "Scan" button.
  • Preview the files and select the target files and then click "Recover" to save them.
  • Q: How can I recover deleted photos from my Lenovo?

    A: If you have mistakenly deleted photos from your Lenovo device, you do not have to fret. First, check the recycle bin to see if the pictures are there. If they are, you can easily restore them to their original location. If the photos have been permanently deleted, you have to restore pictures from Lenovo using a data recovery tool.

    iBeesoft Data Recovery software is the most effective tool to use. It is safe, virus-free, and very efficient in recovering any data, including photos. Here are the simple steps to recover photos from Lenovo laptop.

    1. Download and install it on your device.
    2. Launch the software and click the "Scan" button to get started.
    3. Wait for the scanning process to complete and preview the files. Select the deleted images and click on "Recover" to transfer to your drive.

    Losing data on a device can be exasperating, especially if it is an important file. Thanks to technology, you can get back data with the right tools. In this post, we have looked at three different solutions on how to recover data from Lenovo Laptop (Yoga & Thinkpad supported). They include recovering from recycle bin, using "Restore to the previous version", and using a third-party data recovery tool.

    We recommend the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool as the most effective software you can use to recover data from your Lenovo laptop. We went further to provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool in recovering lost data. With these, you should be able to get deleted/lost data back the next time you experience such.