Best Android Data Recovery Software Tools for 2021

Android data recovery software will give you the ability to retrieve all the deleted files from your Android smartphone. The reason you will be needing such software is due to the loss of data under different situations. For instance, a virus attack causes data corruption and loss of files.

11 Best Android Data Recovery Software Tools to Recover Files from Android Devices

1. iBeesoft Data Recovery

Developed with the most advanced technology, iBeesoft Data Recovery is the best Android data recovery software to recover deleted or lost videos and photos from Android tablets and phones. It allows users to do Android data recovery both on Windows PC and Mac, support over 200 file types, covering almost all the commonly used file types, and enable users to recover files no matter how to files are lost.

Your Best Android Data Recovery Software


best android data recovery software
  • Over 96% success recovery rate, making it one of the most powerful data recovery software in the market.
  • Does android data recovery no matter how the files lost, like formatting, deletion, system failure, power off, etc.
  • Fully compatible with Mac and Windows OS, making it very safe to recover files from Android devices, avoiding data overwritten issues.
  • Supports Android devices in different brands, like Samsung and Huawei.
  • This phone memory recovery software for Android stable and standalone, simple, and easy-to-use.

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2. Recoverit

Recoverit gives you the ability to get back all the deleted files with ease, which you lost under different scenarios. These include improper handling, accidental deletion, locked device, forgotten passcode, and factory resetting. You can download the tool on your Windows PC or Mac and start using it to recover your Android phone files. the procedure involves connecting the phone to the computer and launch the program. You can then choose the normal scan or deep scan. A deep scan is advisable if you think there are more files available for recovery.

android data recovery tool


  • The interface is clean and neat
  • Easy-to-use operation
  • You can choose between standard scan and deep scan
  • The data recovery software for Android compatible with Windows and Mac


  • It shows a few files repeatedly
  • Deep scan is a time-consuming process

3. iSkysoft Toolbox

iSkysoft Android data recovery tool helps you scan your smartphone for all the deleted content and display the recoverable ones in a few steps. What makes it into the top ten list is the ease with which you can recover. If you have no prior knowledge about using such a tool, you can follow the three simple steps to scan your phone, choose the essential files, and recover and save them on your computer.

The software also gives you the facility to choose from three different methods to recover data: recovery from internal memory, recovery from a broken phone, and recovery from an Android SD card. Depending on the scenario you lost the files, you can choose the appropriate mode and proceed with the steps to get back all the content without worry.

android data recovery pcs


  • Three recovery modes
  • Supports several file formats
  • Supports all major Android handsets


  • Creating a backup is essential before proceeding with the recovery

4. Recover My Files

Recover My Files is another helpful program for you to retrieve deleted content from your Android device. You can use it to retrieve photos, emails, documents, music files, and many more. What makes it unique is the speed with which it scans the device and retrieval time.

You can download the copy from the website and start using it. The number of options available makes it an interesting program to retrieve all the deleted files with ease. Therefore, you have different ways to identify the needed files and get back only those that are important rather than all the content. Additionally, the program helps recover data from external drives as well.

data recovery from android


  • A plethora of features available for recovering data
  • Supports all the file formats
  • You can view the preview of the file before Android data recovery


  • Only a limited search is available

5. Kroll Ontrack Easy Recovery

Kroll Ontrack gives you the freedom to select the necessary file format for recovery. The options available in the program make it suitable for Android data recovery software. Irrespective of the reason for losing the content on your phone, you can instantly connect to the system, launch the Kroll program, and retrieve files accordingly. The software uses a robust algorithm to scan the device at a faster rate than others. Therefore, you can complete the recovery quickly compared to others.

The scan procedure is simple. However, you cannot view the contents of a file before recovery. It recovers every bit on your device and helps you choose the files you like to recover.

android recovery software


  • It uses a robust algorithm for a deep scan
  • Recovers the contents at a faster rate
  • It consists of a secured procedure to delete unwanted files


  • The interface is not user-friendly
  • You cannot preview the content of a file

6. Stellar Data Recovery for Android

Stellar data recovery for Android is your companion in troublesome situations. You can use the DIY program to scan your Android device and retrieve all the deleted or lost files with ease. It helps in recovering phone calls, contacts, messages, WhatsApp chat, media, audio files, etc.

It differs from other recovery tools because of the speed with which it scans the devices. Plus, it recovers at a faster rate. Besides, you can preview the content of the recovery file before adding it to the recovery selection list. It makes the process simple, as you can pick only the essential files than retrieving all the content. The product's additional features include recovery for virus-infected phone, exporting data, recovery from internal storage, and support to multiple languages.

data recovery software android


  • User-friendly interface with several options
  • Preview file content before recovery
  • Export data
  • Recovery from virus-infected phones


  • Fails to recover large data files

7. Remo Recover for Android

If you own an Android device and face trouble locating files on the system, you can choose the Remo Recover tool to scan and retrieve the files. There are occasions where you accidentally delete files or lose them due to a virus attack. The android data recovery tool helps you choose the files that you need to retrieve from your smartphone.

The specially built program with a robust algorithm ensures to scan the device thoroughly. It checks both the internal storage and external SD card for the retrievable content. It also scans application packages and helps in restoring them for later use. The tool further allows you to create a replica of the SD card and save the recovery session.

file recovery android


  • Easy to navigate interface
  • The Android data recovery software can identify different file formats
  • Supports internal storage and external SD cards
  • Creates SD card replica
  • Saves recovery session


  • Not compatible with a few operating systems

8. Prosoft Data Rescue

As the name indicates, Prosoft Data Rescue is an ideal choice for you to retrieve files from Mac devices and your Android phone. The program consists of a robust algorithm that helps scan every corner of the device and external storage such as SD card without spending excessive time. The program is also available in professional and enterprise editions.

Using the best Android recovery software software is simple. You can connect the phone to the computer, launch the program, start scanning, and select the files you want to recover. It will be challenging for a beginner because of the hidden features. However, it becomes easy after familiarizing with the options. The interface acts as a guide and helps you proceed with the right recovery method.

best android recovery software


  • Deep scan mode available
  • Allows you to preview a file’s content
  • Efficient in scanning the storage


  • Beginners find the interface confusing
  • Hidden features make it tough to filter contents

9. iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back gives you the simplest procedure to retrieve all the deleted files from Android devices. You can get all your essential files from the internal storage or the SD card. Additionally, you can choose individual file formats to make a quick retrieval of the files. For instance, if you want to recover only the photos, you can select the photos as the required file format and proceed with the scan.

With a high-security level and scan speed, you will complete the entire process within a short period. It gets back data irrespective of the condition under which you lost the files. It is the best android data recovery software within its class.

best android data recovery tool


  • Easy to use interface and navigation system
  • Three simple steps to retrieve content
  • High-security level and faster data recovery from Android


  • Misses specific files for which additional scanning is essential
  • Fails to recover WhatsApp data properly

10. EaseUS

EaseUS has a reputation for providing quality performance in recovering files from an Android phone. The easy-to-use software is straightforward and scans the device at a faster rate for all the recoverable files. You can search for contacts, lost messages, photos, videos, documents, and more. Additionally, the support for over 6,000+ devices makes it the ideal software for android phone recovery.

The tool scans both the internal storage and SD card present in the device. Therefore, the chances of retrieval of files are high when compared to others. It also provides the file's preview, which helps you pick only the essential records from the android phone. Plus, you can see the real-time scan results in the notification center.

android data recovery


  • Recovers all file formats
  • Faster scan and recovery speeds
  • Recognizes over 6,000+ android phones
  • Scans both internal storage and SD card


  • Fails to recover specific files
  • Shows duplicates at times

11. FonePaw

With the assistance provided by FonePaw, it is possible to retrieve different files from your Android phone. Regardless of the situation that you lost the content, FonePaw helps scan the device and get back all the files with ease. The faster scan speed and the retrieval rate make it the best Android data recovery software.

The capability to recognize comprehensive file formats makes it simple to recover content from Android devices. You can choose an excel sheet, PDF files, PPT files, HTML, and ZIP format for recovery. You can restore the data even if there is an OS crash, accidental damage, or virus attack. As it recognizes more than 6,000 devices, you can quickly retrieve files with ease.

android recovery


  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Recognizes over 6,000 devices
  • Features also include extracting data from broken phones


  • May not recover entire WhatsApp data
  • Duplicate files show up at times

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