How to Permanently Delete Videos from Laptop/PC without Recovery

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What a horrible thing that NBA player Jamal Murray leaked a controversial video on Instagram. He said his phone was hacked. You know how important the security of our privacy. It can happen on a phone, so does it can happen on a computer as well. If you have some important videos on your computer, you want to learn how to permanently deleted videos from the laptop. This is the place where you can learn how to do it. Let’s get down to the task of how to permanently delete videos from laptop or PC.

Part 1. What Kind of Videos Can’t Be Recovered

Before we get started, you must have heard data can be recovered with some kind of data recovery software right? In this case, you must wonder whether it is possible to make deleted videos impossible to recover. The fact is that you can. But before that, you should take one minute to learn the theory of data recovery and data destruction.

Why data can be recovered? The occupation for each storage device is fixed, right. If you have saved the videos to the storage, after you delete them, they are still there but marked as useless videos, waiting to be overwritten by new data. Only with new data come in, the deleted files are replaced. If there is no new data or only part of the new data which cannot occupy the whole storage once the videos occupied, then the deleted videos can be recovered. After learning this, you must know that to permanently delete videos from computer, you should delete them and occupy the space where they once were. How to do it? You can’t do it manually. You need the help of File Shredder.

Part 2. How to Permanently Delete Videos from Computer

To delete videos from laptop permanently, you need the help of File Shredder. It allows you to select folders, hard drives, partitions to delete permanently, never worrying about the deleted files recovery. How does it work? The free hard drive wiping software works in 3 steps: wipe and destroy files, then overwrite the space where the wiped data once occupied, finish shredding and wiping, that’s it. Here in the following, let’s get down to the task of deleting videos permanently from the computer.

Step 1. Put all the videos on you want to permanently delete in a folder if you do not want to get data lost or destroy in your hard drive. Name the folder and learn where it is located.

Step 2. Download and install iBeesoft File Shredder. It is the software that will help you permanently delete videos from a laptop. Do not worry! It only destroys the data which you want to destroy.

Step 3. Permanently delete videos from PC/laptop. Launch the software and click the big "+" button on the main window. Next, navigate to the folder in which you have to get the videos there. Last, click "Shred" to let the software delete videos from laptop for you. Wait for it to finish the whole process.

Part 3. How to Make Sure the Deleted Videos Cannot Be Recovered

Even permanently deleted videos with the file shredder, some people still do not know whether the videos are permanently deleted and can not be recovered or not. If you worry about it, you can try iBeesoft Data Recovery to scan the videos as the steps show you below.

Step 1. Click the Download button to download and install the video recovery software on your computer.

Download for Windows Download for macOS

Launch the system. In the first window, only keep the "Videos" option selected and deselect the other file types. Click "Start".

Step 3. In the next step, please select the hard drive where the videos were before they are deleted. And then, click "Scan" to recover deleted videos from Mac or Windows PC.

Step 4. In the result window, you can see all the found videos. Please check out whether the permanently deleted videos are there or not. If not, you have permanently deleted them with iBeesoft File Shredder.

Part 4. Other Ways Available to Destroy Data on Computer

Some people also asked whether there are other ways available to permanently delete videos on the computer. Yes, there are some ways you can try as well.

First, try the Shift + Delete shortcut to delete videos on a laptop. After then, full fill the drive with other types of files.

Second, format the hard drive if there aren’t important files. After then, transfer files to the hard drive to occupy the whole space.

Third, if you do not need the hard drive, you can even try to destroy the hard drive physically.