How to Delete Files on Flash Drive Permanently

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You’re here mostly because you know that deleted files can be recovered and you do not know how to delete files on flash drive permanently, right? Deletion is a way to move files from the computer and make them invisible. However, with some kind of software, like iBeesoft Data Recovery, they will be visible. Do not worry, with iBeesoft File Shredder, you can permanently delete files from flash drive. Try it now.

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When we search about erasing and formatting data from any storage and media, people usually refer to format and delete the folders from the storage media. The data erasure specifically refers to delete the data with the overwriting patterns of 1s and 0s. No overwriting is usually performed when formatting the drive as it could destroy your storage media. Let me put it in a word, formatting does not delete files on flash drive permanently. It only delete files on a flash drive. With unformat flash drive software, they’re recoverable. Here are the 2 examples for the so-called how to permanently delete files on a flash drive.

Example #1. How to delete a selected file on a flash drive

  1. Click on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen
  2. Click on "Computer" in the right side column of the menu
  3. Click double on the flash drive at the window center. It will be under hard disk drives or device with removable storage
  4. You need to hold on the Ctrl key, click the file that needs to be deleted.
  5. Click right on the selected files and click the Delete option
  6. Confirm by click on Yes to delete the files

The files will be deleted from the flash drive. But, the way cannot be permanently removed.

Example #2. How to delete files from flash drive by formatting it

With the disk management, one could easily permanently delete files from a flash drive. Following are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Press Windows plus R correspondingly and press Enter to access disk management
  2. Locate USB flash drive partition and right-click in the FORMAT option
  3. Choose the proper system for the drive and click OK
  4. After the click, the USB flash drive will be formatted and all the saved data will be deleted

They’re the common steps for you to delete files from a thumb drive, right? The fact is if you try iBeesoft data recovery software to scan the flash drive, it’s very likely you can find them still exist on your flash drive. And of course, you can recover them. If you really want to permanently delete files from a USB stick, you need iBeesoft File Shredder. The use of this tool could provide a secure and easy data erasure and could also help you to permanently wipe your disk without any chance of recovery. By implying this tool, you could permanently destroy the data in the flash drive and leave no chance of recovery without giving effect to the device service life.

How to Permanently Delete Files from Flash Drive with iBeesoft File Shredder

iBeesoft File Shredder provides a secure and easy data erasure and could also help you to permanently wipe your disk without any chance of recovery. By implying this tool, you could permanently destroy the data in the flash drive and leave no chance of recovery without giving effect to the device service life. To make it easy for the people to use and operate it, the steps have been illustrated. It has made the user interface to be simple. With the idea of built-in wizards, one could navigate to the file deletion success in an easy manner. The main features of the tool include.

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  • Supports permanent files destruction on hard drive, SSD, external disk, USB flash drive, SD card and more.
  • This tool is developed for people who want to delete the folders and files permanently on hard drives. By relying on the advanced technology, it works like the shredder or destroying agent that destructs the files and makes it unrecoverable.
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Here are the steps that will definitely guide you to completely and permanently delete the files from hard drive with iBeesoft File Shredder. First of all, download it in your system. Double click on .exe to install it easily in the system. It would be more compatible to download in Windows 11/10/7/8/XP/Vista.

  1. In the window, click the + sign to select the folders or files you need to permanently delete in the hard drive. You will need to supposed to set the required time to delete the folder and files. Usually, it is 3 times but you can set it accordingly.
  2. Navigate to the file or directory on the hard drive to select a folder or files to be removed. After selection, Click "Shred now" to delete the files permanently on your hard disk.

It will take a few seconds to complete the procedure. You will see "All files would be deleted". To ensure that there is no recovery, you should try to recover it to check.

Ensure that target files are permanently deleted

After using iBeesoft file shredder, you should ensure that the data recovery is not possible. The shredded files are hard to be restored as the tool permanently deletes the entire drive. Sometimes, you cannot recover it by recycle bin and AVG folder. And even the professional data recovery software, like iBeesoft Data Recovery can’t do it.

Deleting files permanently could not be done by using the short cut of shift + delete as they could be easily recovered from the recycle bin. No one could erase files permanently from the flash drive without using some important steps. People usually take granted that the files are permanently deleted from the hard drive by emptying the recycle bin. But, this is not the right way and you need to follow some steps to make permanently deletion of files. Files that are being completely deleted and permanently erased is somewhere in the computer that is invisible. The place where it exists is usually marked as empty and waits for new data to be filled. Only the recovery programs and software could help in obtaining those files and recovering but it imprints effect on the system. Delete files on flash drive permanently with iBeesoft File Shredder, the professional software never let you down.