What Is Error Code 8072 and How to Fix Error Code 8072 on Mac

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Are you facing troubling with Mac error code 8072? The error that occurs for Mac users is due to issues related to permissions. However, the possibility of data corruption also positions it as a general issue, making it hard to identify the core problem. Fortunately, you are at the right spot where you will have the solutions to fix the error code 8072 MacOS X.

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Part 1. What is the Error Code – 8072 on Mac
Part 2. How to Fix Error Code 8072 on Mac
Part 3: What if The Error Code 8072 Occurs While Deleting Time Machine Backup?

Part 1. What is the Error Code – 8072 on Mac

You will still find a few glitches even though MacOS is a reliable system. The one thing that users often face is the 8072 issue irrespective of the Mac versions. As a result of the error, the system may not process a request like it should and eventually crashes.

The reasons for the occurrence of the error are plenty. If you are wondering what is error code 8072 on Mac, it is an inconsistent operation of MacOS X files due to data corruption, making it hard to access them or make them inaccessible. The possible reasons could be:

Part 2. How to Fix Error Code 8072 on Mac

Solution 1. Make Sure that You Have Permission to Delete a File

You can avoid Mac error 8072 from appearing when you provide the required permissions to delete a file. If you are trying to delete a file and you cannot, then you do not possess authorization. You can get permission to the file by performing the following modifications:

1. Control-click the file that you want to delete and choose "Get Info".

2. In the "Get Info" window, search for "Sharing & Permissions" and click it to expand.

3. Once you expand the feature, you will notice the list of the accounts and the permissions granted for the file: Read Only, Read & Write, and No Access.

4. If you notice a padlock symbol at the bottom of the window, click it, enter the admin password to make the necessary changes.

5.You can then select the account from the list and change the permission to Read & Write.

Solution 2. Force Empty Trash Can

If you find it difficult to empty the Trash on your Mac, you can switch over to Safe Mode and perform the task. It will prevent the occurrence of the error code 8072 Mac. The following steps will help you force empty Trash in safe mode:

1. Head to the Apple logo and click "Restart" to reboot the Mac.

2. Hold the Shift key as the Mac is rebooting. Keep holding the key until you notice the Apple logo on the screen.

3. The Mac will boot in Safe Mode with minimum features. You can then head to the Trash and empty the contents.

4. After completing the process, click "Restart" again to allow the Mac to reboot in normal mode. Ensure that you are not holding any key currently.

Solution 3. Use Terminal to Delete the Files

You can avoid error code 8072 Mac by force emptying the Trash. You can use Mac’s Terminal to perform the task. The following are the steps to follow:

1. Open Spotlight on your Mac and search for Terminal. Do remember to use an administrator account to have all the rights.

2. Once you see the Terminal window, enter: sudo rm -R. Do not press the Enter key.

3. Open the Trash folder and select all the files you want to delete. Now, drag all these files onto the Terminal window.

4. After dropping them in the Terminal window, press the Enter key. Mac will prompt for the administrator password. Input password to allow Mac to force empty the Trash.

Solution 4. Use iBeesoft iCleaner to Clean Your Mac, Including Trash

The final solution to avoid the Mac error code 8072 is using the iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac. It is an all-in-one cleaning solution for Mac and helps you remove junk from your system in a few simple clicks.

The unique nature, intriguing layout, and powerful features make it an ideal choice over others for cleaning your Mac without causing any corruption. You can clean system junk, application junk, Spotlight junk, Bash history, user junk, and more. The steps involved in cleaning junk and Trash on Mac using iBeesoft iCleaner are as follows:

1. Free Download the Mac Clean Software to Have a Try!!! After installing the software, launch it and click the "Start Analysis" button. The powerful algorithms go through all the junk present on your Mac.

2. iBeesoft iCleaner will display the amount of junk in each category after completing the scan. The time depends on the amount of junk present in the system. It is advisable to be patient.

3. The program selects all the categories by default for deletion. However, you can uncheck a specific category by selecting the same. You can then click the "Clean Junk" button to allow the program to clear the unwanted files from the system. The time consumed to delete all the files depends on the total volume. Once the action is complete, iBeesoft iCleaner will display a message stating that the deletion process is successful.

Part 3: What if The Error Code 8072 Occurs While Deleting Time Machine Backup?

Time Machine allows you to backup your Mac. However, you do not want to keep all the backup files, which are of no use further. If you are trying to delete and see the Mac error code 8072, do not worry. You can overcome this only by switching off the Time Machine before you like to delete a backup file. After successful deletion, you can switch on the Time Machine button.