How to Clean Temporary Files on Mac

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Mac OS stores temporary files to load faster during a startup. However, over a period, the accumulation of the data increases, causing a slowdown in the operation of the computer. There is an increase in the space occupied by the data, and clearing them is beneficial, as you can put that space for better use.

The storage of the temporary files depends on how many applications are present on the system. The operating system begins to increase the storage space based on how many apps you are using and how often you are opening them at any given point. Clear temporary files Mac helps in improving the performance of the system and release space in the hard drive on Mac.

Types of Temporary Files and their Location on Mac

Temporary files include everything, even the actions that you carry out using the web browser. Additional data contains cookies, passwords, messaging cache folders, incomplete downloads, application temporary files, and more. The following are the different types of temporary files:

The following is the procedure to locate the temporary folder that stores the files in Mac operating system:

  1. You can open the Terminal application, which you will find under Applications > Utilities. You will then type the (Open/tmp) command and press the Enter button.
  2. Hitting the Enter key will navigate you to the temporary folder.

Is it safe to clean the temporary files on Mac?

Clear temp files in Mac is possible and does not pose any threat to the operation of the system. Nonetheless, it would be great if you remember that deleting the files unnecessarily can reduce performance at times. The reason is that Mac holds the files necessary for specific applications that load at the system startup. It not only helps in loading them quickly but gives you instant access to the data with ease. A better way to understand the process is by looking at the files that are taking too much space.

There is always a misconception that deleting the entire content assists in speeding the performance. But, a temporary folder with useful files aids in improving the performance of the Mac. You should not clear temp files Mac often unless there is a troubleshoot or when the folder is occupying more space than it was earlier (growing in file sizes).

Recommended tool for cleaning temporary files in Mac – iBeesoft iCleaner

iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac is a single tool for erasing unwanted data on Mac and improve its performance. The program, with its robust algorithm, helps you to clean temp files in Mac by following a few simple steps. It saves you time from digging deep into the temporary folder and other folders that store a variety of junk files. 

It consists of the latest technology, which helps you to use all the features with ease. The options present give you the chance to clean the hard drive of your Mac and increase the performance while releasing space. The ability of the software lies in recognizing all the file formats that come to your mind.

The reason why you would want iBeesoft iCleaner as the tool to delete unwanted temporary files and others from your Mac hard drive is because of the safety features. Not only it removes them with care, but it ensures that it does not corrupt the system. Likewise, there are additional points that make it the apt choice:

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  • It helps you to further clear caches, system junk, logs, mail attachments, indexing files, history of bash and more.
  • If you have more than one user using your Mac, you can quickly remove unwanted content related to other users
  • You can gain access to the global temporary folder and files and choose to remove them to free up space and boost the performance of the Mac.
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Step-by-step guide for how to delete temporary files on Mac

Before you begin the process, understand that you are using the software to delete temporary files on Mac, which is like those that help you efficiently keep your smartphone function. iBeesoft iCleaner assists you in keeping your Mac clean. You can download the software from the official website and complete the installation process. After completion, follow the steps to clean unwanted and temporary files.

  1. Launch the temporary file clean Mac software and choose "Start Analyze" from the primary window displayed on the Mac. The software begins to analyze for several unwanted files present on the Mac. The time taken to complete the action is little, and you will notice the total amount of junk files based on their location.
  2. After the scan is complete, iBeesoft iCleaner will display the total junk files. You can begin marking the file formats that you would like to delete based on the file size. The mail attachments and download folder are usually larger when compared with others. Press the “Clean Junk” button to allow the software to delete the selected temp files from the Mac.