How to Use Google Chrome Cleanup Tool for Mac

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Chrome Cleanup tool is no longer a standalone software tool to scan other software that causes problems in Google Chrome. In the past, you can download and run it on Mac, letting it scan your macOS hard drive for the malware, badware and adware extensions that pop up advertisements while you viewing information on Chrome. However, standalone software for Mac is not available anymore. And the Chrome Cleanup Tool still exist on some Chrome web browser.

Some people search "How do I run Chrome Cleanup Tool Mac?". Actually, it is quite easy for you to find Chrome Cleanup tool by following the steps:

  1. Launch Chrome on your computer and click the three points or the upward arrow on the upper right of Chrome > select "Settings".
  2. After then, you can see the basic settings for Chrome. You need to scroll down until you see the option "Advanced". Click it to show the drop-down list.
  3. Select the ‘Reset and Clean up’ option and select "Clean up computer". After then click "Find", letting the software check out whether there are harmful tools or extensions installed on Chrome or not. When it finds, remove the unwanted tools.

How long does Chrome Cleanup Tool take? Be patient, generally, it takes 15 minutes.

Many people have typed in "Google Chrome Cleanup Tool for Mac" in Google search box. I’m very sorry but have to tell you that Chrome Cleanup Tool is not available for Mac. I compared the Advanced Settings in Windows PC and Mac Chrome, they’re different. After all, you know, compared with Windows, it’s easier for users to uninstall or remove applications on Mac by dragging and dropping to the trash can.

Best Chrome Cleanup Software for macOS

So, there is no Chrome Cleanup tool for Mac, right? Sure, it is. However, the good news is that that are Chrome Cleanup tool alternatives for Mac. Why people need a Chrome cleanup tool for Mac? For most people, they want to avoid ads from Chrome and clean up history, caches, cookies, etc, let’s say privacy. In this case, you can try one of the Chrome Cleanup tool alternatives - iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac.

Indicated by its name, iBeesoft iCleaner is specially designed for individuals to clean up their Mac, prevent malware running on Mac(namely find and remove unwanted applications), remove clutters, cookies, caches from Mac Chrome and other software. It belongs to the computer tool that a user must-have. Here are some of its main features:

Your Effective Chrome Cleanup Tool for Mac

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  • Remove junk and useless files from Mac and optimize the speed and performance of Mac.
  • Clean up Mac hard drives and fix all its issues.
  • Remove all the application/user junk, bash history, and global temp files.
Free Download

iBeesoft iCleaner is easy to use. It works far more quickly than the Google Chrome Cleanup tool for Mac. It only takes a few minutes to analyze the junk file size on Mac, letting you remove them by yourself. Here are the steps for how to use the software.

  1. Install the Google Chrome Cleanup Tool Alternative
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the installation package of the software. After then, install it on your Mac, like the way you install other software. The Chrome cleanup software is fully compatible with all macOS. Feel free to install it and it is virus-free.

  3. Analyze Junk Files
  4. Click the "Start to Analyze" button at the bottom of the software, letting it find all junk files or useless files on your Mac. When it finished, you can see the file size for each type of junk file.

  5. Clean up Chrome
  6. Next, you can click each file type to preview the details. Find Chrome, you can clean cookies, caches and browsing history.