[Solved] Mac Documents Folder Empty - How to Fix It!!!

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"Why is my documents folder is empty on Mac. The content of the folder disappeared. How can I get back the content? It’s weird they disappear in one night."

All of the files in the Documents folder disappear without any hint? It must be very annoying since your important files are default to save there. Actually, you should first learn the ways to solve the problem of the documents folder empty on Mac.

My Documents Folder is Empty on Mac, What Are the Possible Reasons?

Basically there are 2 reasons cause macOS documents folder empty: one is you’ve enabled the documents folder uploaded to iCloud and another one is the files in the folder are deleted.

If you’ve enabled iCloud drive, you must know that macOS allows you to sync files from your Mac desktop and Documents folder to iCloud for the convenience of access in different devices. While syncing files, if you disabled the iCloud folder sync feature, the macOS will automatically remove the files from the Documents folder. it will delete the Document files from your Mac, only store them in iCloud Drive. Do not worry, to fix the Mac Documents folder empty issue, you just need to follow the steps below to disable iCloud sync and recover the Documents folder.

Another possible reason that your Documents folder is empty might be unintentional deletion. You may have deleted the files there without notice. In this case, you need to try data recovery software for Mac to get back them. Learn the details below

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Part 1. How to Disable iCloud Sync to Recover Files in Documents Folder on Mac
Part 2. How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files in Documents Folder on Mac

Part 1. How to Disable iCloud Sync to Recover Files in Documents Folder on Mac

To keep your files in the Documents folder on Mac, you need to disable the iCloud drive feature.

  1. Click the System Preferences on the Dock.
  2. Find and click "iCloud" to begin to fix the documents folder is empty on Mac.
  3. On the top right of the iCloud drive, click "Options".
  4. Deselect the box for "Desktop & Documents Folders".
  5. When you do it, a pop-up will warn you that these files will only be stored in the iCloud drive. Please confirm it and click "Turn off" to fix iCloud drive folder empty.
  6. Open the iCloud Drive folder on your Mac. One is named as Desktop and another one is named "Documents". Copy the files from Desktop and Documents to its original folders.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files in Documents Folder on Mac

If the Documents folder is emptied not caused by the iCloud drive sync, then you must face the problem of losing them either by unintentional deletion or system problems. In this case, you need to solve the problem of the "Mac documents folder empty" with the help of iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac.

iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is a professional and trustworthy tool for individuals to scan drive and recover deleted files on Mac or format drive recovery. It’s an easy-to-use tool with a simple interface, making data recovery an easy streamlined task. It covers all the features you need to restore data from Mac.

Your macOS Documents Folder Empty Recovery Software

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Download iBeesoft Mac recovery tool to solve the problem of my documents folder is empty on Mac!!!

  1. Download and install Mac Hard Drive Recovery
  2. Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the installation package of the recover documents folder empty Mac software. Install it on your Mac like the way you install other software. Feel free to use it. It’s virus-free.

  3. Select file types to scan
  4. Next, launch the software. If your Mac running the latest macOS Catalina or Mojave, please follow the built-in guide to set it up first if you want to continue the scanning process. After then, select the file types you want to recover for the Documents folder after emptied and click "Start". If you want to shorten the scanning process, please only select the file types you want to recover before you click "Start".

  5. Select hard drive to scan
  6. After then, you need to select the hard drive where once the Documents folder saved to scan. Click "scan" to let the software begin to scan the hard drive for the files disappeared from the Documents folder.

  7. Preview and recover files for the Emptied Documents folder
  8. It might take a while for the software to finish the whole scanning. When it finished, you can see all the files found by the software. Please filter the target files by selecting file types and file extensions on the left side and preview the file details on the right side. When finding the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac Document folder. That’s it!

If you haven’t found all lost files for the Emptied Documents folder on Mac, try the "Deep Scan" option in the result window. It takes longer to scan for the files lost for the Documents folder, but it will find more files for you.