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How to Recover My Files on Mac Due to Deleted, Lost or Emptied Trash

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As you all must know that Recover My Files is the software which is mainly used for recovery of the files in the Windows operating system. It is a powerful file recovery tool can help you easily and quickly recover deleted, disappeared or lost files from hard disk, removable devices or formatted drives. But, it doesn’t have any compatibility with the Mac OS, hence it becomes essential that the users will have an alternate for Recover My Files Mac software.

Losing data is a situation that can arise in any system whether it Windows or Mac. Although the Mac OS is different than Windows, even the Mac OS needs software that can play the role of data recovery software. With the alternative software, you will be able to locate and retrieve your lost, deleted, or corrupted data easily and quickly. So, in this article, we are providing you with the best alternative for "Recover My Files" Mac version.

Part 1. About Effective Recover My Files Mac Software

Part 2. Step for Using Recover My Files for Mac Tool to Recover My Files under Mac

Part 1. About Effective Recover My Files Mac Software

The best alternative for Recover My Files Mac is the iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. The Mac System has their own recovery system which can help them to recover data to some extent, but even they are not much efficient in recovery. So, using the iBeesoft Mac file recovery tool is the ideal choice for the users. It offers a wide array of features that make it the most suitable tool for data recovery. It can be used to recover multiple data simultaneously which was deleted due to some unexpected error.

The top reliable recover my files for Mac software is a highly efficient tool to recover deleted files and format recovery from a different kind of storage space. The main features of the Mac recover my files program are given below:

My Safe & Effective Mac File Recovery Tool


recover my files mac
  • Recover All Types of Files: The Mac recover my files application supports many file types including image, audio, video, word, powerpoint, excel, archive, and other files present in any format.
  • Recover My Files in Different Scenarios: It can get back lost/deleted files, emptied trash recovery, retrieve formatted drive, AFPS volume recovery and other scenarios.
  • 2 Effective Scan Modes: The recover my files Mac software provides Quick Scan Mode and Deep Scan Mode. The Quick Scan mode will search for the thoroughly and will display the recently deleted, lost or corrupted files. But the Deep Scan will search through the entire storage space and will find out the files which were deleted a long time ago.
  • Supported Devices: It supports the internal drives of Mac, Memory Cards, Digital devices, Removable drives, and other storages too.
mac recover my files

Part 2. Step for Using Recover My Files for Mac Tool to Recover My Files

The iBeesoft software has a very simple and easy process for the recovery which can be carried out even by a kid. The step by step guide to using the best alternate for Recover My Files Mac, i.e. the iBeesoft Data Recovery software is given below:

Step 1. Begin the process by visiting the official website of the alternate Mac "Recover My Files" version and downloading it on your Mac. Ensure that you download the Mac version of the software. Once the download finishes, install it on your Mac.

Step 2. Now, launch the recover my files for Mac program and its main interface will open up. In the interface, you will be able to see the different kinds of files which can be recovered by the software. You can either select any particular type of file or select them all and tap on the "Start" button to recover my files under Mac.

recover my files mac version

Step 3. In the next screen, you will see the storage space available on the Mac. You can select the space from where you want to recover the data and then tap on the "Scan" button to scanning your deleted or lost files on Mac.

recover my files for mac

Step 4. In a while, the files will be displayed on the screen. Locate the files that you want to recover and select the checkbox in front of them. Once you have selected all the files, tap on the "Recover" option and the files will be saved on your Mac. You can also have a preview of the files that you are about to recover. If any file is selected by mistake then you can unselect it.

recover my files mac

Note: You will also have an option of running a deep scan of the storage space. During the Deep Scan, you must be patient as it will take some more time as compared to the Quick Scan. It can also display the files that you might have forgotten about and it will give you an opportunity to recover them all.

The files will be restored on your Mac within a few minutes depending on the size of the files. as the files are also sorted out according to their formats, it becomes easier to find the lost files in the entire collection. After recovery, you can transfer the files to any other storage device to have another backup of the files.

We hope that now you know which software is the best choice as an alternate for Recover My Files Mac version. The iBeesoft Data Recovery software has a complete solution for the recovery requirements of a user. It will be of great help to the users in different scenarios and will allow them to store their lost data quickly. The recover my files Mac software believes in the secure working concept and hence doesn’t store any of your personal information. It is the software’s authenticity which has helped it to gain millions of customer all over the world. So, try the software now if you have also somehow deleted some files from your Mac.

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