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How to Recover Deleted/Unsaved Numbers Spreadsheet on Mac

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"I have accidentally deleted a Numbers spreadsheet. Is there any way to recover it? I really need to get it back." –Bobby

It happens all the time that you accidently removed the Numbers spreadsheet to the trash can, and emptied the trash can, only to find that it’s an important file. Or you confirmed the not saving Numbers spreadsheet file action only to find that you have carried out the wrong action. If you encounter the mentioned problem, don’t worry. You can try the tips below to learn how to recover deleted Numbers spreadsheet on Mac and how to find the unsaved Numbers spreadsheet.

The First thing first, find a Mac data recovery tool for help. You must know that the Numbers spreadsheet you’ve deleted is still there on your Mac, waiting to be overwritten by new data. It is invisible and you need a software tool for help. Here in the following, I’m going to tell you how to recover deleted Numbers spreadsheet on Mac with iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac.

iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is a professional yet easy-to-use Mac data recovery software tool for individuals to perform numbers spreadsheet recovery on Mac and find deleted or files on Mac SD card, USB drive and more.

Your Safe & Effective Numbers Spreadsheet Recovery Tool

recover an unsaved Mac Numbers
  • It has 2 recovery mode: Quick Scan and Deep Scan, ensure you the efficiency of data recovery.
  • It supports multiple file types, including Numbers spreadsheet. Supported file types are: photos, videos, audio files, documents, emails, workbook, etc.
  • Easy-to-use with the built-in navigation for data recovery. Even people who know little about computer can use it without any problem.
  • High efficiency and great results: compared with other software, it gets you better results for data recovery on Mac.
recover unsaved numbers file

How to use iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac to recover deleted Numbers spreadsheets on Mac

First, please stopping using your Mac the moment you find you have deleted the Numbers spreadsheet and emptied the trash can. It will avoid data overwritten and increasing the data recovery success rate. And then, follow the steps below to do the Numbers spreadsheet recovery. The sooner the better.

Due to macOS High Sierra (macOS 10.13) requirement, all applications are not allowed to scan system disk. So, if you want to recover deleted numbers spreadsheet form built-in system drive on macOS 10.13, please click here to "disable System Integrity Protection" before running the numbers spreadsheet recovery tool.

Step 1. Install iBeesoft Data Recovery on Mac

Please click the download button to get the installation package of best Mac data recovery software. Install it on your Mac with the steps you install other software. If your computer doesn’t allow you to install it, please set it up in the security settings: allow to install software besides from App Store. It isn’t available on App Store Yet. Feel free to install it. It’s virus-free

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

Launch the software the moment you finish the install process. From the start-up window, all supported file types are listed and selected. Uncheck the other types of files and only keep the “Documents” checked. It means you only need to scan this type for Numbers spreadsheet. It will increase the efficiency of Numbers spreadsheet recovery. Click "Start".

numbers spreadsheet recovery mac

Step 3. Select Hard Drive to Scan

Next, it is time to select the hard drive to scan, which means scan where the Numbers file once saved. Just select it and click "Scan", letting the software scan the hard drive right away.

recover numbers spreadsheet

Step 4. Preview and Recover Numbers Spread

It will take a few minutes for the software to finish the scanning process. If there are thousands of documents, then it will take longer. Be patient and wait for it to finish. After then, you can see documents are sorted into categories on the left side. You can select the file extension and preview the file on the right side. If it is the Numbers file, select it and save to your computer. That’s it!

recover deleted numbers spreadsheet mac

Tips: Of course, the above mentioned is the best way to recover deleted or lost Numbers file. However, you can still try your luck by searching whether there is a version of the Numbers file there or not. Click Finder > Recently Use. I use the way everyday to look for my documents. It works sometimes.

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