Mac HDD Data Recovery Software Free Download

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Every computer system has a recovery tool built into it. However, they can only guarantee recovery of operating system files. It can't help you perform to HDD recovery on Mac or Windows. The Mac can also use the Time Machine Backup to start Mac HDD recovery. What to do if you don't have it enabled. Here recommended a Mac HDD data recovery software for Mac users like you.

One of the Mac HDD recovery tools that I am talking about is iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. This is the best hard disk recovery tool. Very convenient and easy to use, this Mac HDD recovery tool will not confuse you in trying to recover your important files. It can find deleted/lost files on Mac from up to 100 or more devices and supports 500 plus different file types on your Mac. The tool is completely supported by your up to date Mac Operating System.

iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac has three main features

1. Supports data loss or accidental deletion of files in different scenarios.

This is applicable to almost any data loss scenarios. You can totally depend on iBeesoft Mac Data Recovery tool to retrieve your lost or deleted files from any Mac desktop, notebook, and other devices that you use with your Mac like an SD card, external hard disk, digital camera, USB drive, and more. It supports file recovery in different scenarios:

2. Supports multiple file types.

It is effective, safe, and fast to use. It can retrieve different file types like documents, photos, music, videos, archives, and others. In totall, it supports over 200 file types, both most widely used or special file types.

3. Two recovery modes.

It offers you 2 recovery modes. By default, it has Quick Scan for a faster scanning and recover deleted files on Mac or lost data recovery on Mac, but on the event that your missing file is still not found it has another recovery mode option for you which is the Deep Scan. Sure this will be a long process but it will thoroughly scan your Mac’s HDD.

How do you use the Mac HDD Data Recovery Software?

This will just take a portion of your time. Only three simple steps to recover your lost or deleted files on your Mac HDD. As I have mentioned earlier, iBeesoft Mac Data Recovery Software is easy to use. Once the software is downloaded and installed on your Mac, you can go ahead and start following these steps below:

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Step 1. Choose the files to be restored.

Pick the type of files that you need to recover. By default, all the file types are selected and everything will go through a Quick Scan too. To make things faster and more specific, you can uncheck any unnecessary file types and then proceed by clicking "Start".

Step 2. Choose the location of the lost file.

Next part is finding the place where you lost that file. Go to the Mac partition or an external hard drive available for scanning. Once you have chosen the right drive, you can now click on the "Scan" button to start scanning the drive for the missing files.

Step 3. Preview and perform Mac HDD data recovery

Since this is a Quick Scan, by default, it only takes a few minutes to finish up the scanning process. You can see the files that were recovered in the results window. You can sort the files out on the left side by path, type, or time. Simply check or uncheck the files you need or do not need. This will also allow you to preview the files. Once you confirmed that the missing file is there on that hard drive, continue to click on "Recover" and save them on your Mac.

Simple and easy to use but just in case that you were unable to find the file you need with a Quick Scan, go ahead and try the Deep Scan. It will definitely take more time as it will thoroughly scan the whole device or your Mac

Also, if you happen to use an external hard drive for your Mac, make sure that you don’t save the recovered files back on the same device. Save it on your Mac to prevent losing them again.