File Scavenger for Mac Alternatives Free Download [2023]

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File Scavenger for Mac is a software that can recover lost files and data with ease. It can further help in the recovery of data from different storage devices, making it an ideal choice for getting back lost files. However, you should have noted that the File Scavenger tool functions for Windows operating system. If you are running a system on Mac, there is no File Scavenger for Mac. If you want to download a file scavenger for Mac, you need to check out the alternatives.

5 Best File Scavenger Alternatives for Mac

Although a File Scavenger tool functions efficiently on a Windows operating system, you do have the option to choose an alternative for Mac. The following is the list of programs that are helpful in the recovery of data from Mac:

1. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac

iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is a compelling File Scavenger Mac OS that enables the recovery of lost or deleted files from Mac in a few simple steps. The tool possesses the ability to get back the data irrespective of the scenario under which one has lost data. The main features apart from retrieving files from Mac are:

Your Effective File Recovery Software for Mac

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  • Recovery of deleted files on Mac and restoring data from formatted drive.
  • Retrieve lost files on Mac lost due to re-partition, volume loss, hidden partitions, or damaged volumes.
  • It can also recover emptied trash bin or perform APFS data recovery.
  • Recovery of file lost due to virus attack, system upgrade, or a drive displaying as RAW.
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The advantages of the tool are:

The disadvantages of the tool are:

2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a File Scavenger for Mac alternative. The program enables users to get back deleted or lost files from Mac in a few steps. The recovery tool is compatible with multiple storage devices, which makes it convenient for use with ease. Additionally, it helps analyze disk, reclaim space, and so on.



3. DiskWarrior

DiskWarrior File Scavenger Mac OS is a recovery and maintenance tool. It can remove unwanted files and repair the Mac when there are errors. With the help of the tool, it is feasible to rebuild damaged directories, fix several disk problems, and restore contents. It approaches to recovering data differently than others.



4. RStudio

RStudio uses an intuitive interface and has powerful coding tools that help in the recovery of data. The integrated development environment (IDE) for R gives you the ability to use different utilities that bring together all productivity tools in R in a customizable arena.



5. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

You can utilize Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery features, which is a professional tool for recovering stolen, lost, or deleted files on Mac. It is feasible to use the wizard when you mistakenly deleted files on your Mac, lost data during an upgrade, or formatting the disk. It scans the drive and other storage devices and offers advanced filters to display the recoverable files. Functions effectively on all the versions of the Mac OS X operating system.



Guide for File Scavenger Alternative for Mac to Recover Files in macOS

Now that you know about recovery software, it is time to learn about the operation. Follow the steps discussed below to learn how you can use iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac to get back data when the need arises. File Scavenger Mac alternative free download is available by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below. You can proceed to install the same, as it is a standalone software and does not contain any virus.

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The program is an easy and quick solution to find documents, photos, videos, and other file formats. The latest technology helps in scanning every corner of the disk and display the recoverable files.

  1. Install and target file types
  2. After completing the installation procedure, launch the software from the Applications window. The launch screen shows you the different file types that it can recover from Mac. Depending on your need, you can continue to scan for all file types or select only the required format. Clicking the "Start" button will begin the scan for the selected file type.

  3. Choose Location
  4. In the next window, you will notice the different partitions of the hard disk, along with any externally connected storage devices. You will have to choose the location you like to perform the scan and click "Scan".

  5. Preview and Recover
  6. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac takes a little time to complete the scan, depending on the file type selected. Upon finishing, it will display the recoverable files arranged in an orderly fashion. You can choose a file to preview the same and use the feature to select multiple files. Click "Recover" to save the data on the Mac or to an external storage device. You can see the "Deep Scan" feature in the result window. It is another scanning mode, more powerful than the default Quick Scan mode. You can try it to find more files on computer or any other storage devices.