The 10 Best Free Data Recovery Software for Mac in 2022

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It goes quite differently than the other days that you have to send your storage devices to data recovery services to retrieve the deleted or lost data. There are many free data recovery tools available for you to scan, preview and recover lost files. So does it with Mac. If you have lost files from Mac or external hard drives, you can try free data recovery for Mac to restore files. Here is the 10 best free data recovery software for Mac for your reference.

In the following, we’ll introduce you to 10 free file recovery software for Mac and highlight the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of each tool.

Free File Recovery Software for Mac

  1. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac
  2. Disk Drill for Mac
  3. TestDisk for Mac
  4. PhotoRec for Mac
  5. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac
  6. Stellar Mac Data Recovery
  7. Data Rescue for Mac
  8. Exif Untrasher
  9. UFS Explorer
  10. Lazesoft Data Recovery

Part 1. 10 Best Free Data Recovery software for Mac

  1. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac
  2. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac The latest version is updated with the most advantageous technologies for file recovery and data repair. It not only lets you restore 1000+ file types from 2000 devices, no matter in which situation is lost but also fixes the data corruption after data deletion by collecting, matching the data fragments, and fixing the problematic part. As a free data recovery for Mac tool, it lets you scan and preview files on Mac for free, and find up to 500MB files for totally free.

    It can deeply scan the RAW data, and display the scan results according to the original path and file type.
    Retrieve various file types (1000+) from Mac internal and external hard drives, including videos, pictures, documents, and more.
    Repair corrupted videos and images.
    Recover files from SD cards, Mac HD, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and more.
    It can be used to get files bacl from various corruptions. Whether it's a simple virus attack or complex partition destruction, the best free Mac data recovery software can retrieve files efficiently.
    Excellent file recovery rate
    Slow data scanning process.
    Can’t create a bootable image.
    Recover up to 500MB files for free. $59.95 for 1-year subscription.
  3. Disk Drill for Mac
  4. Disk Drill is a famous data recovery software brand. For some people, it is free data recovery software for Mac since it allows users to scan recoverable files for free. In fact, that’s it! Not like the Windows version which offers 500MB file recovery for free, the Mac version doesn’t provide that feature at all. It can search for lost data more comprehensively, retrieve it while scanning, without waiting for the entire scanning process to be completed, and the [Filter] function it brings can quickly find the files you need. You can also preview the completeness of the inspection content in advance sex.

    A comprehensive tool not only recovering files from Mac internal hard drives but also a tool running on Mac to resume files both from Android phones and iPhones.
    Scan Time Machine backup files
    Supports multiple file types
    Contain other features, like disk cleanup, data eraser, duplicate file finder, etc.
    Interface and features are complicated for individuals to use.
    For full functionality of the software, you must upgrade to the full version.
    Only free to preview files, not able to recover deleted files files on Mac for free.
    $89 for Disk Drill Pro (for individual); $499(for enterprise).
  5. TestDisk for Mac
  6. TestDisk for Mac is complete free data recovery software for Mac. It’s open-source freeware for file recovery on Mac. It is developed mainly on recovering lost partitions and fixing boot issues. Recovering deleted files is not the main feature, but an extra feature. However, that’s the interesting part. It’s now a famous comprehensive data recovery tool running on multiple platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. A nice and powerful tool for individuals. It's designed to help discover deleted/lost partitions, make crashed disks bootable again, and more. TestDisk is like an experienced doctor who can solve most problems related to computer hard drive.

    This software is very useful and accurate if you want to get important documents back from damaged volumes.
    A multiple-purpose tool to solve computer problems.
    Can repair volume table and restore deleted volumes.
    The command-line interface makes it quite hard for individuals or less experienced users to use. This could be the biggest drawback.
    Cannot preview found files
    totally free
  7. PhotoRec for Mac
  8. PhotoRec is not just a photo recovery tool (don't be fooled by its name). You can recover nearly 500 different file formats from hard disk or removable media with this completely free data recovery software for Mac. It doesn’t cost any penny for data recovery on Mac. It is developed with the same developers who developed TestDisk for Mac. What’s the difference between the two tools? TestDisk recovers files by locating and extracting data from the file system’s database while PhotoRec goes through every individual data block to find the target files.

    Completely free data recovery software for Mac
    Efficient when recovering photos and documents
    More powerful than TestDisk for Mac for file types support
    The command-line interface also is the biggest problem for individuals to use. It’s professional for people who know computer techniques.
    The free data recovery software for macOS is below average when it comes to retrieving music and video files.
    totally free
  9. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac
  10. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is able to recover different file types from multiple storage devices on Mac, including Mac internal hard drives and external hard drives. It also solves the problems of data recovery when the Mac won’t boot. That is a feature less free file recovery software for Mac can do it.

    Recover data up to 1GB from Mac for totally free.
    Fully compatible with Apple T2 and M1 Mac
    The free data recovery software for macOS is below average when it comes to retrieving music and video files.
    The recovered files are not properly managed and scattered.
    Some file types cannot be previewed
    $89.95(for 1-month); $99.95 (for 1-year); $169.95(for Lifetime)
  11. Stellar Mac Data Recovery
  12. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is a widely used data recovery tool and it has been available for a long time. Like iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac, it comes with a simple interface that makes it quite simple and easy for individuals to recover deleted files from Mac. it’s fully compatible with Mac equipped with M1 & T2 chip.

    Recover up to 1GB of files for free.
    Restore files from Fusion drive and Time Machine external device
    It supports popular file systems such as FAT12/16/32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, and APFS with compression and encryption capabilities.
    There are some problems while previewing files before recovery.
    The price is quite high for data recovery on Mac.
    There are so many versions available, quite hard for individuals to choose from.
    $69.99 (1-year subscription for Standard version); $89.99(1-year subscription for Professional version); $99.99(1-year subscription for Premium) and $149 (1-year subscription for technician version)
  13. Data Rescue for Mac
  14. Data Rescue is more than a free data recovery for Mac. It’s a comprehensive tool with features for recovering files from a hard drive, cloning the failing drive,s and creating a recovery drive when your main drive is corrupted. It comes with Quick Scan and Deep Scan, letting users select which one to use.

    Features like RAID, block diagnostics make this tool worth a try
    Two scan modes are available.
    Clone failing drives to prevent data loss.
    More than a file retrieval software tool for Mac, but with extra features.
    The free trial version only allows to scan and preview files on Mac for free. As for data recovery on Mac, you need to subscribe to the plans.
    You’d never know how much you will spend on data recovery since it depends on how many files you recover with the Mac data recovery software. You need to contact support to learn the price and upgrade inquiries.
    the minimum price for a standard license is $19 while it is not the final price for the subscription. How much you pay fully depends on how many files you recover with the software. As for the Professional license, you must contact the support to get the quotation.
  15. Exif Untrasher
  16. Exif Untrasher is a free file data recovery software tool for Mac. It is developed by an individual and used as a tool to recover JPEG images from storage devices and disk images. From its main window, you can see it is very easy to recover files, just selecting the data source and destination folder, and pressing "Start data recovery". It’s done and done.

    The most straightforward free data recovery software for Mac.
    The powerful data recovery software for Mac to recover JPEG images.
    Only recovers JPEG images
  17. UFS Explorer
  18. UFS Explorer comes with an interface like Windows Explorer. Though looks awkward, the Mac version works well. It is free data recovery software for Mac with some limitations. It allows users to use the trial version to scan and recover a file less than 256KB. It helps users recover deleted, formatted files from disks or partitions, even if the boot sector has been wiped or damaged. However, the program won't help in the event of a mechanical failure of the disk drive.

    Support various file systems and storage devices.
    Updated regularly with the latest data recovery technology.
    Preview files before data recovery
    Not complete free data recovery for Mac. it has file size limitations for the trial version.
    The price is very high since it’s a commercial tool.
    $699.95 for a commercial license and $1199.95 for a Corporate License.
  19. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery
  20. Lazesoft Data Recovery for Mac is free data recovery for Mac's full version. It enables users to files from HFS/HFS+, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT (new) as well as other file systems and supports multiple file storage devices, even including iPod. It recovers deleted videos, photos, music, documents, applications, and more from Mac and devices on macOS.

    Complete free data recovery software for Mac.
    Simple and easy to use.
    No preview before data recovery which means the data you recovered might not be the one you needed.

Part 2. Frequently Asked Questions for Free Data Recovery for Mac

  1. Main Scenarios for Losing Data on Mac
  2. Data loss is a common problem for Mac hard drives which makes it very necessary to take measures to protect data. However, no matter what methods you have applied to protect data from loss, you can’t avoid data loss issues at all. In this case, it’s very important to learn how to rescue data efficiently when an incident happens.

    1. Accidental deleting: Deletion is one of the main reasons for data loss, such as Command + Del to remove files or emptying the trash can.
    2. Hard drive failure: There can be several reasons for a hard drive failure in Mac, such as sudden power failure, firmware defect, and hard drive not being recognizable and unmountable.
    3. Physical damage: Although physical damage is rare, any physical damage to your Mac can result in data loss.
    4. Corrupted volume: Partition corruption is also one of the very common errors. Corruption always occurs when creating or deleting partitions. Once a partition is damaged, the partition table is affected, causing the data stored on that partition disappearing.
    5. Formatting: When a user accidentally formats a disk, the data stored on that disk will be erased, resulting in data loss.
  3. What is the best free data recovery software for Mac?
  4. It’s hard to tell which is the best free data recovery software for Mac since the above-mentioned tools,

    1. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac
    2. Disk Drill
    3. TestDisk for Mac
    4. PhotoRec for Mac
    5. Data Rescue
    6. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac
    7. .....

    are all able to recover data from Mac internal and external hard drives for free. In my opinion, the one that really helps you recover can be the best free data recovery software for Mac.

  5. How can I recover data from my Mac for free?
  6. You can recover data from Mac for free with free data recovery for Mac tools. The process for each tool to recover data is similar. Here take iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac as an example to show you how to recover data on Mac for free.

    1. Download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac.
    2. Launch the software and select the file types you want to recover from Mac. Click "Start".
    3. In the hard drive list, select the hard drive from where you have lost files and click "Scan".
    4. Wait for the scanning process to finish. After then, go to the directory, and select recoverable files to preview.
    5. Select needed files and click "Recover" to save them to a new folder on your Mac, not saving them to the original folder.
  7. Is Disk Drill free for Mac?
  8. Disk Drill is free to download and install on Mac and it lets you recover up to 500MB files for totally free. However, it is not a completely free data recovery software for Mac. To recover more files and try more features of it, you need to update the free trial version to a full version by spending some bucks.