Data Recovery for RAID 0 | How to Recover Data from Raid 0 Hard Drive

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You can see in forums people always ask "can RAID 0 be recovered?". The answer is yes, you can restore data from RAID 0 failure or reconstruct it. Here in the following, we offer the most widely used ways how to recover files from RAID 0 hard drive.

What is RAID 0? What is RAID 0 Used for?

To get down to the task, we should first figure out how and why RAID 0 failed and the result.

RAID 0 is a non-redundant array usually consisting of two and more disks with the same storage capacity, and it will stripe data evenly among these disks. Due to this feature, it is widely used to store data, especially as the database for servers and websites since this array has a very large or sometimes even giant capacity, fast read and write speed with less maintenance cost.

How Can RAID 0 Lost Data?

However, the merit of RAID 0 array stripping data evenly among disks can be an Achilles heel. When one disk failed or is corrupted, then the whole RAID 0 array will fail, causing data loss from RAID 0 disks, disk inaccessible, structure broken, disks becoming logical partitions, etc. These are the main problems people have faced.

How to Recover Data from RAID 0 Array

If there is any data loss due to RAID disk error/failure/bad sector, it will have a bad effect since the RAID 0 hard drive array has stored large numbers of data. In this case, you must know how to recover data from RAID 0 hard drive if there is any incident. In the following, we list the helpful and useful solutions for RAID 0 data recovery. Check the details.

Solution 1. Use RAID Data Recovery Sofware to Get Files Back from RAID Disks

Whenever data is lost from the RAID 0 hard drive, the quickest and most efficient way to solve the problem is using RAID data recovery software to scan the RAID 0 disk, rescue the files there as soon as possible.

Best RAID Data Recovery Software – iBeesoft Data Recovery

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How to Retrieve Files from RAID 0 Hard Drive

  1. Download and install the latest version of RAID data recovery software on your computer.
  2. Select the RAID 0 disk to scan
  3. In the first window, choose RAID drive which failed and cause data loss from the drive list to scan. Hover over the drive list and click the "Scan" button beside the RAID hard drive.

  4. Check found files
  5. Wait patiently for the scanning to finish. Since the RAID hard drive has stored many files, it will take longer than usual for the data recovery software to finish the whole scanning process. In the result window, you will see all found files are put into directories. Filter the files you need and open them to preview.

  6. Select files you need and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Tips: Since the RAID hard drive is always in large capacity, the data recovery software will scan and find many files there. To make it safe and easy to recover files, I strongly recommend you save the recovered files directly to an external hard drive. You’re supposed to connect the external hard drive with your computer before the RAID data recovery begins.

Solution 2. Clone RAID 0 Disks to Reconstruct RAID 0 Array

If RAID 0 Failed, another way to decrease or recover data is by cloning the RAID 0 disks and reconstructing the RAID 0 array. It is the quickest way to fix failed RAID hard drive and rebuild RAID 0.

  1. Prepare a new drive that has the same capacity as the failed hard drive.
  2. Download and install iBeesoft Dbackup. Launch it after installation.
  3. Click the "Backup Drive" and select the failed RAID disk.
  4. In the storage location area, select a drive to save image file. Click "Start" to finish the whole backing up process.
  5. In the Disk Management window, convert the new disk to dynamic and recreate the RAID 0 array with all the disks.
  6. Click "Restore" in the main interface of iBeesoft Dbackup and transfer failed drive data to new drive

Solution 3. Turn to Local Data Recovery Service for Help

The last solution is asking for help from local data recovery services. You can search in Google Map or Yelp. There are some online data recovery service providers as well. They need to do the data recovery remotely. It will be more complicated for RAID data recovery.

RAID 0 data recovery is possible if you have learned the right steps for how to recover data from a raid 0 array with data recovery software. The sooner the better result it will be. After reading through the above information, you can see RAID 0 array is vulnerable. Any incident happens to a RAID hard disk, the whole array will stop working. In this case, here are some suggestions for you.