How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Updated by Segovia on Apr 5, 2021

A duplicate file finder for Windows 10 is a must for computer users. It helps find and delete duplicate files on your computer, manage files efficiently, make files tidy and clean. And it deletes duplicate files intelligently and accurately, free you up for your other work. Download it now!!!

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Duplicate files are the nightmare of many computer users. They take up space and affect the performance of your computer. Thanks to duplicate file finders, you can find and delete duplicate files in Windows 10 without issues. With an effective duplicate file finder, like iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder, you can easily find and remove unnecessary duplicates, free up space, and enhance your PC’s performance.

The Best Software to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Searching through a cluster of duplicates to find an important file can be frustrating. It’s also annoying listening to the same song severally simply because there are many duplicate music files on your system. Unfortunately, there’s no in-built duplicate finder Windows 10. To find and delete duplicate files, you need a duplicate deleter for Windows 10. No doubt, there are many options available to users but we’ll recommend the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder.

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is designed with a cutting-edge technology that helps to find and remove duplicate files from your PC. With this, you can keep your folders, files, and storage clean and well-organized. It can find duplicate files Windows 10 in drives and folder within a minute. With a single click, you can remove all duplicates with absolute accuracy. Without a doubt, this is one of the best duplicate file finders you can find for Windows 10.

Main Features of iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder remains a leading software in its category because of its amazing features. With this software, you never have to worry about file overloads. All you have to do is launch the software and within minutes, all duplicate files will be filtered. With a single click, you can delete duplicate files in Windows 10. It is simple to use but highly effective. To have a better understanding of the amazing functionality of the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder, it’s expedient to highlight its features. Let’s check these out!

Quickly Find Duplicate Files

It’s difficult to manually locate duplicate files from folders and drive. You can avoid the herculean task by using the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder. Within a minute, the software will locate all duplicate files taking up space on your system. It does its job intelligently and can even specify file types. With this, you can set up the file types to scan and find, and when the list has been filtered, you can easily and swiftly remove the duplicates with a single click.

Sort Out Photos

If you are tired of viewing duplicate photos on your PC, the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is your choice. The software is designed to thoroughly scan the computer’s hard drive, external drive, TF card, CF card, and SD card. It cleverly sorts out photos and cleans out the duplicate files, leaving your photo album well-sorted and well-organized.

Tidy up Music Collection

Are you tired of listening to repeated music tracks and playing duplicate videos? You can use the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder to tidy up everything. When you launch the software, it seamlessly checks and sorts through your playlist to find duplicate music files. It lists up all duplicate songs and after previewing them, you can delete all duplicates swiftly within a second. With this, you can enjoy a tidy and clean music collection without bumping into duplicate songs as you enjoy your playlist.

Remove Duplicate Files with 100% Accuracy

The duplicate file cleaner uses advanced technology to compare files by names, types, and content. It finds duplicate files fast and allows you to preview them. When you are ready to delete, it requires just a click on the "Remove" button to delete all duplicate files with 100% accuracy.

Free up Disk Space

Duplicate files are useless files that take up disk space. It slows down the performance of the system, making it a drag to do simple tasks. With iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder, you can free up disk space by removing all duplicates from your computer’s hard disk. This will free up disk space, enhance disk and computer performance, leaving you to enjoy the effect of a cleaner PC.

Step-by-step Guide for How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Now that you know how effective the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is, it’s time to see how it works. In this section, we’ll look at the simple steps to follow to remove duplicate files from your systems with duplicate file finder Windows 10.

Step 1: Download and install the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

Click the download button to start the installation process of the duplicate file remover Windows 10. The software is compatible with Windows 10. After the download, install it on your computer to get started.

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Step 2: Launch the Free Duplicate File Finder Windows 10

To find duplicate files on your computer, launch the software. You’ll see a popup window. Click the "+" button or drag and drop folders to find the destination of the duplicate files on your system. If the duplicate files you want to remove are on an external hard drive, you should connect the drive to the computer and select it for the scan. The popup window will have three options: Add/Filter Types, Scan Hidden Files, and Set File Size Limit. Check the appropriate filter and click the "Scan" button.

Step 3: Delete Duplicate Files 

Within five minutes, the complete duplicate file result will be displayed. The duration of the scan depends on the size of the duplicate files on the system. The result-window will display the duplicate files and you can preview the files to check the accuracy of the result. When you’ve confirmed the accuracy, you can click "Remove" to delete all duplicate files in a minute.

That’s how simple it is to use the best duplicate file finder Windows 10. The iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is the amazing software designed to help you manage the storage space on your system and enhance its performance. With no duplicate files, your PC will be cleaner and its performance will be optimized.