How to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows 8 Computer

It is common to lose photos from a computer when there is accidental deletion, formatted drive, virus attack, corruption of hard drive, or due to other reasons. However, what many people do not know is that it is possible to recover deleted photos from Windows 8 computer using a few simple steps. Losing the photos creates havoc, but using the right approach helps in recovering photos in Windows 8 without a sweat.

The Different Scenarios to Recover Photos in Windows 8

1. If a user mistakenly deleted the images by using the delete button, then the pictures are still stored in the computer in the Recycle Bin. One can go to the Recycle Bin, double click to open it, select the images present in it, right-click the mouse button, and choose the “Restore” option. Doing so will help in replacing the images/pictures from the Recycle Bin to their original path. If you clear it, you can still recover deleted files from recycle bin after empty in the following way.

2. Recover deleted pictures Windows 8 if there is a backup created. For instance, if the user created a recent backup of the entire system or only the images, it is possible to retrieve it from the settings of Windows 8. However, the downside of the process is that one would be losing the files and other pictures added or saved in the computer after the last backup.

3. The final scenario is the case when a user already activated the backup and restore feature. In such a situation, Windows 8 carries out an automatic backup at the scheduled interval. A user can store such a backup externally to ensure the safety of the same. If one deletes images accidentally from a computer, they can pick the recent backup file and restore deleted photos on Windows 8.

The Best Tool to Recover Deleted Pictures from Windows 8

While it is common to worry about the loss of the images, it is now possible to get them back in a few simple clicks. The following information provides details on how to recover deleted pictures from computer Windows 8. As one understood the different scenarios of losing the images, it is time to know about the tool that helps in recovering all the pictures with ease. The best tool to get back every single image on the computer is iBeesoft Data Recovery tool.

The best photo recovery Windows 8 tool is efficient, fast, and accurate in searching for the lost types and recovering them with ease. The robust algorithm of the software ensures that it scans the drive sector-by-sector and helps the user retrieve as much as data as possible. The entire process of recovering the pictures is a three-step procedure. All it requires is the selection of the location of the files stored, scanning, previewing, and recovering the needed data. The best part of the retrieval tool is its ability to identify all the file formats and storage units. It comes in 2 separate versions. Thus, helps in restore not only from the Windows PC but also recover deleted photos on Mac completely.

Your Safe & Effective Windows 8 Photo Recovery Software

recover deleted photos from windows 8 computer
  • Retrieving pictures lost due to deleted, emptied recycle bin, ‘Shift+Del’, formatted built-in hard disk, and external drive and other reasons.
  • Recover deleted photos from laptop, PC, USB drives, pen drives, SSDs, memory cards, digital cameras, and others.
  • Easy-to-Use data recovery software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/Server and macOS. It supported preview all the graphic types available for recovery.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover deleted photos from Windows 8

The following steps help any individual to restore pictures from Windows 8 or recover deleted files in Windows 8 in a few clicks:

1. Upon launching the software, iBeesoft selects all the file formats automatically. However, it is essential to check only the "Pictures" file format and uncheck other file types. After making the changes, an individual can click the "Start" button to recover deleted photos from Windows 8.

recover deleted photos from Windows 8

2. The program will show all the partitions and locations available on the hard drive in the next screen. It is here that the user has to select the preferred drive. It can also include any external drive such as USB or external HDD. After choosing the path, press the "Scan" button initiates the scan process.

how to recover deleted pictures from computer windows 8

3. After completing the scan, the recover deleted pictures Windows 8 program will display all the image files recoverable from the selected path or location. It is even possible to see the thumbnail or preview of the image by choosing a file. Based on this, one can start selecting the files that they like to recover. After finishing with the selection, clicking the "Recover" button helps in getting the images back. One can choose a path and folder to save the files. Choosing “Deep Scan” is preferable if one thinks there are more pictures. However, the process is time-consuming, and one will have to wait for a longer time.

recover deleted pictures windows 8

Tip: Taking a backup is crucial, as nobody knows when a hard drive malfunction or when there will be a virus attack. The above procedure answers the question of how do I recover permanently deleted photos in Windows 8.1. Apart from this, the need to create backup arises for which one could use iBeesoft DBackup tool.

It is an excellent program and helps anyone to create a backup of an entire system, a partition, or a disk within a few clicks. It is fast and reliable and provides the chance to create a backup of even an external hard drive and USB drives. Apart from the manual options provided like other tools, it arrives with new features that are attractive and makes things easier for a user. The primary functions of the product are:

1. One can create individual file backup where they can select a folder or particular file formats. It even supports all the file formats to any external device such as USB, external HDD, and more.

2. It helps in cloning an existing drive, which is helpful when there is critical data present. It acts securely and causes no harm during the process.

3. One can create an entire system image backup of the OS drive or a partition, which helps when the need arises.

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