Accidentally Deleted/Erased Hard Drive on Mac? Solve It Now!

While a search on Google, you can always see people asking for help "I accidentally my Macintosh HD completely with Disk Utility", "I accidentally deleted my startup disk". I do not know why people accidentally erased hard drive on Mac, but I can learn how worried they are. Once I lost the data from the external hard drive on Mac, I tried almost all the ways possible to get the data back, especially there are precious family pictures and videos, as well as my paper. Here in the following, we talk about how to recover data due to accidentally erased hard drive on Mac.

If you do not know how to use Disk Utility, DO NOT USE IT TO ERASE FILES!!!

People do not know much about Disk Utility and they always worry about "Disk Utility erase files on Mac". Actually, it is a built-in useful tool to help users manage Mac:

  • Clone, format, partition and erase Mac hard drive.
  • Restore volumes from Apple Sofware restore images.
  • Partition a hard drive to different parts.
  • Mount and unmount flash drives.

People always face the issue "there was not enough disk space for new pictures or software" which result in accidentally erasing a hard drive or partition on Mac with Disk utility. Before erasing the hard drive, you may forget to back up the whole data. In this case, you lost data after accidentally erased the hard drive on Mac. Here in the following, we’re going to talk about how to recover data after accidentally deleted/erased hard drive on Mac.

Is it possible to recover data lost after accidentally erased hard drive on Mac?

Do not regard the “erase the hard drive on Mac” of Disk Utility as the data eraser or other third-party software. It is not designed for users to destroy data, but clear space for new ones. As we all know, deleting or cleaning up hard drive never delete files permanently until they’re overwritten by new data. Data lost due to accidentally erased hard drive on Mac can be recovered if you can hurry up.

To recover data lost or deleted by erasing hard drive on Mac with Disk Utility, the only way is by using a professional data recovery software. All these erased files are not visible. You can not see them and recover them manually and there is no feature like ‘CANCEL’ to recall the operation. Among all the data recovery software, I’d like to recommend you iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. it’s a professional Mac data recovery tool specially designed for Mac users to retrieve lost or deleted data on Mac. Here are some of its main features you might want to know:

Your Effective Mac Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

mac hard drive data recovery
  • Recover all kinds of file types on Mac, including videos, pictures, audios, emails, documents and more.
  • Recover files deleted or lost due to different scenarios, covering accidentally erased hard drive on Mac.
  • Quick Mode scans and recovers files on Mac quickly and Deep Mode ensures recovering more files. Integrated with the world’s best technology to recover deleted files on Mac or unformat the drive.
  • A streamlined interface makes it easier than ever for individuals to recover files on Mac, even the persons who are not familiar with the computer techniques or not know how to use data recovery software.

Let’s take a look at how to recover files after you accidentally erased my hard drive on Mac with the professional and trustworthy hard drive data recovery software for Mac.

Step 1. Download and install Mac hard drive recovery software

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the latest version of the best Mac data recovery software on your computer and install it. To ensure your Mac let you install it, you might need to set it up in System Preferences as ‘Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers’.

accidentally erased hard drive mac

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

Launch the Mac hard drive data recovery software after you install it. From the main window, select the file types you need to recover from the erased hard drive. By default, all of them are selected. To shorten the scanning process, you’d better only select the file types you want to recover from the erased hard drive on Mac. After then, click "Start".

i accidentally deleted my hard drive partition mac

Step 3.Select Hard Drive to Scan

Next, you can see all hard drives as well as the external hard drives if there is, are listed there. Select the one you’ve erased with Disk Utility and click "Scan", letting the software scan the target hard drive for the erased data.

accidentally erased hard drive on mac

Step 4. Preview and Recover Data from Erased Hard Drive on Mac

It might take a while for the software to scan for all data from the erased hard drive on Mac. Be patient until the scanning process is finished. When it finished, you can see all files sorted into categories and listed in the left panel. Filter the target files with file category and file extension, check out the details on the right side. When find the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save on your Mac.

accidentally deleted hard drive on mac

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