How to Merge Contacts on iPhone

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Do you happen to have many contacts on your list? You may notice some duplicates at times and you just feel like cleaning up your iPhone but it is very tedious to do things manually. I know how hard it is to organize your phone but there is a way to tidy your list and start to merge contacts on your iPhone. So, how to merge contacts on iPhone you ask? Let me show you two ways to do so.

Method #1. How to Merge Contacts on iPhone Directly

There’s an iPhone feature called "Link Contacts" as the words imply, it Links your iPhone contacts, which is a mostly underutilized application or feature on your phone. Here, I’ll show you how to use the feature and begin the merge of contacts straight from your iPhone!

1. Open the Contacts app from your iPhone then find the contact that has a duplicate or even triplicate that you want to merge. Find the Edit button then tap it.

2. Locate the Linked Contacts by scrolling down then tap on the plus icon (+) to start merging or linking the contact with another one.

3. Find the contact to link then tap on its name. You will see "Link" on the upper right. Tap it. If you need to merge more, just repeat the steps. Once the contacts are linked. Go ahead and tap on Done.

You can always unmerge or unlink your contacts just in case you made a mistake in linking them or if you changed your mind. You just need to find the merged contact and then find “Unmerge or Unlink” to start the process.

Now, you’re already familiarized on how to merge contacts on iPhone directly. I’ll show you on the next method on how to merge contacts iPhone via iCloud.

Method #2. How to Merge Contacts on iPhone via iCloud

This method is pretty easy to do. You just simply need to follow the steps below in order to merge your contacts on iPhone through iCloud. Of course, you will need an internet access to do this.

1. Go to Settings and access your iCloud account by tapping on your name or Apple ID.

2. Next is by tapping on iCloud. You will see here a list of apps that use iCloud.

3. Look for Contacts, if it is currently enabled. Disable it by tapping on the green slider. You will see a message asking you to either keep your contacts on your iPhone or to delete them.

4. Once disabled, enable Contacts then tap on Merge. This will allow your existing local iPhone contacts to be merged or linked with iCloud Contacts.

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