How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone

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If you seek an answer to how to delete Instagram account on iPhone, you are at the right place! You might be thinking that it is a simple task to delete the account on the iPhone. But it is not! However, you can be free from worrying, as we will give you the different choices to remove the account. You can either temporarily disable the account or permanently close, depending on your requirement.

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Part 1. The Procedure to Download a Copy of Your Instagram Data
Part 2. How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account on iPhone
Part 3. How to Temporarily Delete Instagram Account in iPhone
Part 4. How to Recover Deleted Pictures and Videos Downloaded from Instagram on the iPhone

Part 1. The Procedure to Download a Copy of Your Instagram Data

Instagram provides an excellent platform to connect with people across the globe. The app additionally gives you the option to download a copy of the data you shared with others. You can further request entire data from Instagram, which you will receive in a machine-readable format. You can only start the process if you have your account and password.

The following are the steps to proceed that help create a copy of the Instagram data:

1. Open a preferable browser on your computer and visit the Instagram website. Then, use your credentials to log in to your account.

2. Use the "Gear" icon to enter the settings feature. From the available options, choose the "Privacy and Security" feature.

3. Scroll the page down until you notice Data Download. Click the "Request Download" button.

4. Scroll down further and enter the email address to which you like to receive the download link.

5. Re-enter your Instagram account password and press the "Request Download" button to remove Instagram account from iPhone.

After finishing the procedure, you will receive an email from Instagram with the link where you can download all your account data. Thus, you can download a copy of your Instagram account.

Part 2. How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account on iPhone

How do you delete an Instagram account on iPhone if you do not want to use it anymore? For whatever reason you have decided, removing the account permanently on the iPhone is a simple procedure. Follow the steps below to terminate your account from the database.

1. Open Instagram by clicking the app icon on the iPhone. Click the person-shaped icon to open the Account Page.

2. Tap the "Settings" gear at the top right corner. From the new window, tap the "Help Center" option. Choose the "Managing Your Account" option.

3. Click the "Delete Your Account" option.  Select "How do I delete my account?" In the next screen, select the "Delete your account page" link. Input your username and password.

4. Scroll down and click the box at the bottom. Select an appropriate reason for the deletion of the account. Re-enter the account password to continue.

5. Click "Permanently delete my account" on the next screen.

Part 3. How to Temporarily Delete Instagram Account on iPhone

If you are interested in deactivating your Instagram account temporarily, you must learn how to remove Instagram account from iPhone. The process is different from the way you permanently deleting the account. Proceed with the steps below:

1. Head to the Instagram site on a browser. Use your login credential to visit your account page.

2. Choose your username and select "Edit Profile".

3. Now, tap "Temporarily disable my account" and enter the reason.

4. Re-enter your Instagram password, click "Temporarily disable account", and tap "OK" to complete the action.

Part 4. How to Recover Deleted Pictures and Videos Downloaded from Instagram on the iPhone

If you learned how to delete Instagram account in iPhone and forgot to create a copy of the data, it is time to learn how to retrieve the content using iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery.

The recovery tool for iPhone is powerful and robust, making it an ideal choice for you to retrieve all the deleted content within a few steps. What makes it unique is the algorithm and the three different methods to recover the content - recovery from iOS devices, recovery from iTunes backup, and recovery from iCloud backups.

iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac or Windows is the best tool for how to delete Instagram account for iPhone. Regardless of the scenario under which you lost the data, you can retrieve data with ease. Additionally, it supports over 20+ file types, making it unique and the choice for recovering any file using the recovery options available.

Guide to Recover Deleted Pictures and Videos Downloaded from Instagram on iPhone

The steps mentioned below will help you recover the videos and images downloaded from Instagram on the iPhone. However, you must download and install the iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery software's trial copy before proceeding with the steps. The software is free-to-use and does not contain a virus.

Download for Windows Download for macOS

Step 1: To recover from the iPhone directly, you will need the latest iTunes installed on your system. You can browse to iTunes website and download the latest version and complete the installation. Then, use the provided USB cable to connect the computer and the iPhone. Ensure that the computer recognizes the device.

Step 2: Launch the best iPhone data recovery software by clicking the icon from the desktop. The launch window will show you three different options – Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes, and Recover from iCloud. Choose the "Recover from iOS Device" option.

Selecting the option will detect the phone automatically. If it is not recognizing, then enable the "Trust this computer" feature on the phone. Once you see the phone appear on the iBeesoft window, press the "Scan" button.

Step 3: The software will perform a complete scan of the device and shows you all the recoverable files. It organizes the recoverable files according to the file format. Therefore, you can select a folder to view the contents with ease. Use the preview option to mark the necessary files from the images and videos folder. Upon completing, click the "Recover" button.

Specify the path where you like to save the files on the computer. Wait for iBeesoft to complete the recovery process. The number of files and total size alter the completion time. After completion, you can open the folder and see the images and videos downloaded from Instagram.