3 Ways to Backup Text Messages on iPhone

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Data loss is something very crucial to anyone and losing files is a serious matter. There are many ways to backup text messages on iPhone and this includes iTunes and iCloud backups. There is another way though to backup selected messages through an iPhone data recovery software. Who would have thought that there is a way to specifically backup messages iPhone has?

Method #1. How to Backup Selected Text Messages on iPhone.

Not everyone needs to backup all your message threads. Sometimes just a very specific message from a person or a number is needed to be stored. If you need a specific set of texts or conversation to serve as a reminder, an evidence, or maybe just to keep some memories alive. This will also be convenient if you need to save messages in the event that you need to factory reset your iPhone.

iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery tool can help you backup text messages on iphone and recover deleted text messages iphone without backup. To backup text messages, iPhone users need to download this trusted and reliable software and it will allow them to save and recover these files from their computer. Pretty neat, right? This will give you the security of having your iPhone messages stored on your computer and your iPhone at the same time. So data loss on your phone will not be an issue for you.

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How to backup text messages on iPhone?

Step 1. Download iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery and connect your device

Launch the iPhone data recovery tool and connect your device to your computer, respond to any prompts that may appear on your iPhone, like "Trust this Computer" click "Trust" to start the backup.

Step 2. Select your iPhone to scan text messages

At this time, your iPhone will be displayed on the screen, click the "Scan" button to scan text messages from iPhone.

Backup Text Messages on iPhone

The iPhone Data Recovery tool will scan for all your iPhone text messages once you click on the "Scan" button next to the device that is detected on the list. Once finished, it will show you a list of retrieved data. You can now select the "Messages" that you need to save or backup on your computer. Once done, go ahead and click on the "Recover" button.

Method #2. How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone via iCloud

Now you already know how to backup iPhone messages to PC. I’ll show you how to backup texts on iphone via iCloud. This is a good way to backup your iPhone text messages if you don’t have a computer or a laptop to connect your Apple device. It only requires a stable WiFi connection and your device to utilize this backup method.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a Secured WiFi Network - this is way better than a public WiFi to prevent any kind of intrusion on your phone.

Step 2. Access Settings then select iCloud - depending on your iOS version you may need to scroll down on later versions to find iCloud on Settings.

Step 3. Tap on iCloud Backup or Backup (iOS 14 or earlier) - be sure that you enable iCloud backup.

Step 4. Tap on Backup Now - stable WiFi connection is needed so the backup will not be interrupted.

NOTE: You can leave iCloud Backup enabled and this will backup your files automatically, but then again the storage is limited so you may need to check the files being backed-up. Automatic backup needs your iPhone to be charged on an outlet, connected to WiFi, and screen locked. There is only 5GB space free on your iCloud so if you need an increase in space you may need to shell out some money to get some more.

Method #3. How to Backup Text Messages on iPhone via iTunes

Another way to backup text messages on iPhone is via iTunes. iTunes will help you backup files and iPhone data on your computer. So if you have a computer and wants a local backup of iPhone messages and other information on your Apple device, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and plug in the device to your computer - you may see a notification or a prompt to your Apple device upon connecting it to your computer. This message will confirm if this is a trusted computer. You may also see a code depending on your device setup.

Step 2. Select iPhone in iTunes - once the device is successfully detected in iTunes, you can now select it. If it is not detected try to check the following:

Step 3. Click on Backup Now - depending if you want to save Health and Activity logs, you may be asked to encrypt your backup by adding a password.

NOTE: Make sure that this is a password you can easily remember or a memorable one because you will not be able to access this specific backup if you forget it. Encrypted iTunes backups are not recoverable without the password you set.

Step 4. Check on Summary Screen for Latest Backup - you will see the latest backup and determine if the backup has been completed successfully based on the date and time under the Latest Backups.