Top 10 Data Recovery Software for iPad in 2023

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It’s a disaster to lose data on your iPad especially when you haven’t had any backup files available, nor backup in iTunes and iCloud. It means you might lose the iPad data permanently. The good news is that when you try to restore iPad data, you can make use of the latest solutions, data recovery software for iPad, which is able to scan your iPad, looking for all the recoverable files for you. Here is the top iPad recovery software for your reference.

Part 1. 10 Best iPad Data Recovery Software

  1. iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery
  2. 10 best data recovery for iPad tools will be introduced in the following, why does this one put in the first place? iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery is a great choice for individuals to recover deleted files from iPad for its high cost-effective. What does it mean? Compared with other tools, this iOS data recovery tool offers almost all the features that other data recovery software for iPad offers but costs only half of the price. It’s very friendly for individuals.

    3 recovery modes: restore from iPad directly, extract files from iPad backup files in iTunes and iCloud.
    Recover iPad photos, contacts, messages, videos, and more.
    Preview files before recovery, ensuring what you’re recovering is what you need.
    Support all iPad models, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, etc.
    Very clear directory to find the recoverable files specifically.
    Versions for both Windows PC and Mac are available.
    Support the latest iOS 15.
    High recovery rate as in 99.65%
    It might take longer for a scanning process.
  3. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery
  4. FonePaw iPhone works like other iPad data recovery software tools, retrieving files from the iPad directly as well as from iTunes and iCloud backup. The difference is that its scanning speed is quite quick. It is said to scan 1000+ deleted photos in seconds.

    Recover 30+ file types, including photos, text messages, call history, videos, and more.
    High photo recovery scanning process as well as high photo recovery rate.
    Supports all iPad models, including iPad Pro.
    Fully compatible with iOS 15 and a separate version for Windows PC and Mac.
    Allows data transfer between iOS devices and computers.
    There is no preview option in the free trial version.
    Though it comes with a high photo scanning speed, it is slow for other data scanning.
  5. Dr.Fone
  6. Dr.Fone claimed as the world’s first data recovery software for iPad and iPhones. It is a comprehensive tool, which consists of iPad file recovery, data transfer, data eraser, data backup, etc. It has many modules. While using it, you need to subscribe to the corresponding module.

    Like other data recovery software for iPad, it has 3 recovery modes: recover from iPad, from iTunes Backup, and iCloud backup.
    A comprehensive tool to solve iOS problems.
    Preview iPad recoverable files before the real iPad data recovery.
    Allows saving the recoverable iPad data to the computer or iPad itself.
    There are many features and modules which might be hard for individuals to choose and use.
    Instead of buying the one-time license, you need to subscribe to a plan and sign up with emails.
  7. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone
  8. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone supports iPad comes with iOS 14, iOS 13 and former versions. It recovers pictures, videos, contacts, text messages, notes, as well as third-party instant messenger data, like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Kik, Viber, etc. besides recovering data from iPad, it is able to permanently erase iPhone data and third-party apps.

    Recover deleted iPad contacts, photos, videos, texts, and more.
    Get data back from iPad/iPad Air/iPad mini/ iPad Pro.
    Available both on Windows PC and Mac to recover iPad data.
    Extra feature to erase iPad data permanently.
    Fix iOS issues on iPad.
    Remove Apple ID from the iPad and create a new one.
    Not support iOS 15 yet.
    People might get confused when removing Apple ID and creating a new one.
  9. EaseUS MobiSaver
  10. It has a free version and a Pro version. For EaseUS MobiSaver free version, it allows users to retrieve 1 photo, 1 video, and 5 contacts each time. To resume more data from the iPad, users need to upgrade to EaseUS MobiSaver Pro.

    Fully compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS 10.14/10.13/10.12/10.11 etc.
    Supports iPad running in iOS 13 and below.
    3 recovery modes: recover from iPad, recover from iTunes backup, and iCloud backup.
    Only supports iOS 13 and below, can’t support the latest iOS 15.
    The free version is extremely limited in iPad data recovery.
  11. Disk Drill for iPad
  12. Disk Drill is a famous data recovery tool and service provider all over the world. However, currently, only Disk Drill 4 for the Mac version supports iOS data recovery, including iPad data recovery. It means you can only run the software on Mac to restore iPad data.

    Support data recovery from all types of iPads.
    Recover photos, videos, contacts, calendar, voice memos, text notes, and bookmarks from the iPad.
    Unlock the locked iPad.
    Preview recoverable iPad files.
    Only 1 recovery mode: scan iPad to recover lost and deleted iPad data.
  13. iMobie PhoneRescue
  14. iMobie PhoneRescue is a comprehensive tool. It has a separate version for iOS Devices and Android phones. PhoneRescue for iOS fully supports iPhone and iPad. It supports data recovery from the iPad by scanning the iPad, extracting data from iPad iTunes backup files and iCloud backup files.

    Standard 3 recovery modes: restore from iPad, iTunes backup files, and iCloud backup files.
    Recover iPad messages, photos, contacts, and 31 file types.
    Supports iOS 15 and former iOS versions.
    Unlock the iPad screen by removing Face ID, Touch ID, and digital passcode.
    Remove screen time passcode.
    Preview files before restoring them to a computer.
    Allows repairing iPad problems, like Apple logo looping, iPad frozen, and black screen.
    The scanning process is slow and it takes longer to finish a scan
  15. Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery
  16. FoneLab iPhone data recovery is a great tool for iPad data recovery as well. It is especially suitable for beginners who have no experience with iPad data recovery and restoration. It’s very simple and easy to use.

    Standard 3 recovery modes: recover from iPad, restore from iTunes backup file and retrieve from iCloud backup file.
    Fix iPad system errors.
    Backup and restore iPad.
    WhatsApp transfer for iPad to transfer, backup, and restore WhatsApp data.
    There might be an incompatibility issue for computer and iOS devices as the hardware requirements are not consistent with the fact.
  17. Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery
  18. Gihosoft iPhone data recovery is free recovery software for iPad. It allows users to find iPad data by scanning the iPad, and extract data from iTunes and iCloud backup files.

    It’s free to get some files back from the iPad.
    Recover texts, contacts, WhatsApp, photos, notes, and Viber on iPad.
    A separate version for Windows and Mac computers.
    Preview data before recovery.
    The interface is not user-friendly.
    It seems the iPad data recovery hasn’t been updated for a long time since the iOS 13 and formers are supported, works on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS 10.15 Catalina/10.14/10.13/10.12, not including the latest computer OS.
  19. Syncios
  20. For many people, Syncios is used as a data transfer since it is used as a data transfer between computers and iOS devices for several years. However, it is an iPad data recovery software tool as well. Like other data recovery software for iPad, it allows users to resume data from the iPad directly or extract iPad data from iCloud and iTunes backup.

    Recover daily data from the iPad, including photos, videos, contacts, texts, notes, etc.
    Perform perfectly to recover data from WhatsApp, Kik, and Viber instant text messengers.
    All iPad models are supported.
    Simple and easy to restore files from iPad.
    It takes longer for the data recovery process.
    Not updated for a long time.

Part 2. How to Restore Deleted/Lost Files from iPad

All the above-mentioned best iPad data recovery software works similarly (except Disk Drill since it only can scan the iPad to find data). To recover deleted or lost files from iPad with the above-mentioned data recovery software for iPad, you just need to select the recovery mode, scan, and preview data, select data and save them to your computer or iPad. Here in the following, let’s learn how to retrieve deleted files from the iPad with iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery.

  1. Go to the data recovery software for the iPad official page, download, and install the iPad data recovery software on your computer.
  2. Download for Windows Download for macOS
  3. Launch it. 3 modes are available, get back from iPad, find from iTunes backup files, and restore from iCloud backup files. Choose the one that’s right for you.
  4. If you choose "recover from iOS device", then you need to connect your iPad with your computer, and scan it. For "Recover from iCloud", you need to sign in with your iCloud ID. To "recover from iTunes", you need to select the iTunes backup file and scan it.
  5. When the scanning process is finished, select the recoverable files to preview. Find the target files, select them and save them to your computer by clicking "Recover".

Part 3. Frequently asked questions for iPad data recovery

  1. Can data be recovered from an iPad?
  2. It depends on how you lost data from an iPad. If data is lost by deletion, jailbreaking, system errors, or factory reset, then you can use iPad data recovery software to retrieve them. If you have used a third-party tool to erase iPad data, it’s unlikely you can recover data from the iPad.

  3. How do I recover lost data on my iPad?
  4. The simplest way is to scan your iPad for it. The sooner, the better result you will get. You can try iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery to recover lost data on your iPad.

    1. Download and install iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery software on your computer.
    2. Connect your iPad with your computer.
    3. Launch the iPad data recovery software, and click the "Scan" button beside the iPad.
    4. Preview the recoverable iPad files.
    5. Select target files and save them to your computer.
  5. Does Apple have data recovery software?
  6. No, Apple doesn’t officially offer any data recovery software for security reason. To recover data, data recovery software must be allowed to scan the system, which is not allowed by Apple. That’s also the reason why you can’t find any data recovery software from Apple App Store.

  7. How can I recover data from disabled iPad without backup?
  8. The only option to recover data from disabled iPad is trying the above-mentioned iPad data recovery which has the unlock screen option, letting you access the iPad first, then scan the iPad for existing and deleted data.

  9. How do I recover permanently deleted files from my iPad?
  10. All deleted files on the iPad will be there for a period of time. In this case, the so-called "permanently deleted" files might be there. You can try your luck to use iBeesoft iPhone data recovery to scan the iPad, listing all the recoverable files to preview and recover.