Top 6 SanDisk SD Card Recovery Software Free

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The SanDisk SD card is one of the most well-known SD cards in the world. The device can be used on a variety of devices, including camcorders, cameras, music players, and DSLRs, among others to store data. While storing data on a SanDisk SD is safe, it can sometimes get corrupted and the data can be lost. Many reasons can be responsible for the loss of data, and they include formatting, deleting, and RAW errors, among others. Thankfully, there are solutions to recovering data. All you need is to use SanDisk SD recovery software free for Windows to recover the lost data.

So, how is it possible to recover files from damaged or corrupted SanDisk ? The answer is simple. When data disappears from the SD card because of unintentional deletion, corrupt SD card, or other reasons, the data is not deleted permanently from the device. The system only deletes the entries of the file and leaves that part of the card as "Ready for new Files".

As long you do not overwrite the files, you can still recover them. So, how do you recover lost files? The first step is to get SanDisk SD recovery software free and install the same on your system. This post looks at the top 5 SanDisk SD recovery software that you can download for free.

  1. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software
  2. The first on our list of the top 5 free recovery software for SanDisk SD card/pen drive is iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is an all-inclusive and 100% safe and free SanDisk SD card recovery software. It is designed to help users recover data from SanDisk SD Card, memory cards, USB cards, HDD/SSD, and other storage devices.

    Irrespective of the cause of the data loss, you can be sure to recover all files seamlessly with the iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software. The software can also locate target files using the filter feature that categorize scanned results in time, type, and path. When you are done scanning, you can easily preview to know if you have the documents you want.

    Get back files lost due to deletion, corruption, partition loss, SanDisk SD card formatting.
    Recover RAW drive and files caused by wrong operations
    Recovers data caused by other reasons, such as virus attacks, Windows reinstall, Hard drive/system/software crash, among others.
    Restore 2GB files for totally free. You can’t find some over the internet.
    Support the SanDisk SD card recovery of all kinds of data, including documents, graphics, photos, video, audio, email, and others.
    It supports different file systems, including FAT, NTFS, exFAT, NTFS5, HFS+, ext2, and ext3 as well as all devices, such as Memory Card, USB, SSD, and Digital Camera.
    The SanDisk compact rlash recovery software is fast and virus-free as well as easy to use
    It recovers data from crashed computers.
    It has two recovery modes, which are Quick Scan and Deep Scan
    The free version is limited to recover 2GB files for free. Over 2GB files, you need to update to iBeesoft Data Recovery Full version

    Simple Step-by-step Guide to use Best Free SanDisk SD Recovery Software

    1. Connect your SanDisk SD card with your computer.
    2. Download the iBeesoft Data Recovery software and install it on your Windows PC.
    3. Launch the software and select the SanDisk card from the partition list, click "Scan".
    4. When the scanning process is finished, select the files to preview. Target the files and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.
  3. AnyRecover
  4. This is also one of the effective and free recovery software for SanDisk pen drive. It is easy to use and safe. It offers a wide range of helpful features to help users recover lost data caused by deletion or file corruption. The software is compatible with different devices and very effective. The best part is that it is free to download.

    This SanDisk SD card recovery software supports different file formats, such as documents, photos, and archives.
    Retrieves data from various devices, including hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, and pen drives.
    It can also recover data from emptied Recycle Bin
    Recovers data that are lost due to formatted drives and virus attacks
    Compatible with a wide range of file formats
    Supports almost all devices
    Offers thorough and deep file scanning
    Find permanently deleted files and folders.
    It takes a long time to scan and recover large files.
  5. RescuePRO
  6. This is another helpful best free SD card recovery software tool that is effective and safe. It can recover lost, corrupted, and damaged files from any device. Although it is positioned as a recovery tool for photos, it can also be used for the recovery of various data, including documents, video, and music files.

    Without a doubt, RescuePRO is a great tool but you have to take the time to understand the tool before you can effectively use it. Its interface is not very user-friendly and its ability to process some devices, such as hard drives, is also limited.

    Recovers corrupted and deleted folders from memory cards, and flash drives.
    Supports different types of hard drives and computers
    Supports the recovery of any file type.
    Compatible with the majority of standard operating systems
    A great choice for recovering lost media files
    It can back up SanDisk cards and some other external hard drives
    It does not support RAIDs and HDDs
    It is not easy to use as the UI is quite cumbersome
    The free version is very limited and it is quite expensive to upgrade
  7. Recuva
  8. This is also a popular choice of free SanDisk data recovery software tool. It works well for scanning and recovery documents and media files easily and quickly. It offers overwriting tools and also supports a virtual hard drive.

    It can recovery all JPG images as well as different file types. Its free version is very effective but it is limited in terms of the number of files it can recover. To enjoy the full features of the software, you would need to purchase the professional version.

    Supports multiple file types and devices
    Supports all operating systems.
    Compatible even with lower-end machines
    Requires basic processing power for its scan and recovery
    It get back different file types, including documents, audio, videos, and photos.
    The free SanDisk SD card recovery software supports virtual HD support
    It utilizes little processing power.
    It is only compatible with Windows systems
    Its user interface is not friendly
    Deep scanning modes can sometimes be extremely slow.
  9. EaseUS Data Recovery
  10. This tool also made it to our list of the top 5 free recovery software for SanDisk SD card/pen drive. It offers both deep scan and quick scan features, which allow users to thoroughly search for lost data. It is offered both as a free version and also a paid version. EaseUS allows users to scan different file types and it supports various devices.

    Supports different file types and recover data from all of them, including documents, photos, emails, audio, and videos.
    Restores data from different loss scenarios, including formatted drive, deleted files, lost partition, OS crash, and emptied recycled bin.
    Supports various devices, including laptop/PC, SD card, SSD, HDD, camcorder, Micro card, CF card, and others.
    It has a simple user interface
    Recovers different file types, including video and RAW photo
    Great overall recovery
    Not many file types are supported for scan preview
    Scanning process lags
    The professional version is very expensive.

    The above are the top 5 SanDisk SD card recovery software tools that you can use to recover any lost data. As a bonus on the list, let us look at another good recovery tool that can be considered.

  11. Stellar Data Recovery
  12. This is another comprehensive data recovery tool with the capability to recover media and files from corrupted and damaged SD cards and memory cards. It can also recover various audio and video file formats from hard drives.

    Stellar Data Recovery can duplicate data from an entire storage device to ensure that data stored on good sectors on a device can be easily saved. It supports the recovery of the RAW file, and more.

    Supports numerous file formats, including documents, photos, audios, videos, and archives
    Compatible with various devices, including ScanDisk SD card, USB drive, pen drives, and computer device.
    Recover data from emptied Recycle Bin.
    Recovers files from hundreds of different file formats
    Carries out deep and thorough scanning
    Supports all device types.
    Recovers permanently deleted files.
    The deep scan feature does not work sometimes and lags most times
    The SanDisk SD recovery software is not fit for major data loss or corruption.


There you have some of the best free SanDisk data recovery software tools that are available in the market today. Whatever is the level of loss that you may have experienced, you can be sure that you can find the perfect tool that will help you with the recovery process. We highly recommend the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool as the best tool to recover any data loss caused by any scenarios.