How to Recover Deleted Files from Sony Camera Memory card in 4 Ways

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Have you lost your data from your Sony SD card and want to get them back? Data loss is a common problem that we all face often. It is pretty simple to panic if you lose the data that is important to you. But fortunately, there is a way to retrieve all your lost files from your Sony SD card.

How can you lose data from a Sony SD card?

You can lose your photos, video recordings or other files under several circumstances. Some of them are mentioned below.

No matter how the data got lost from your device, there are some Sony SD card recovery ways that you can follow. But, before that, we will discuss some points that you should consider before doing any troubleshooting method.

Part 2. How to recover data from a Sony SD card?

1. When your Sony memory card has nothing in it, but you have a backup.

It is the best and easiest way to resume your files. Everyone should have a backup so that they can easily get back their data if anything unfortunate happens. Just connect your SD card with the device where you have the data and copy it to your Sony SD card.

2. When your computer can read your Sony SD card but can't show any data.

Sometimes, even if your Sony SD card has the data in it, your computer can't show it. In that case, you have to look for hidden folders. Follow the steps mentioned below for doing that.

  1. First, open your file explorer.
  2. Go to your Sony memory card that has the data.
  3. Navigate to the menu bar and then click on the view tab.
  4. Check the box to show hidden files.

Now, you should be able to see the files on your Sony SD card.

3. When your Sony SD card gets corrupted.

If you suspect that your Sony SD card is corrupted, you must undergo some methods. Follow the steps mentioned below to find data from your corrupted Sony SD card.

  1. First, try your card on a different device and make sure that it is not your device that is corrupted but, it is your SD card.
  2. Check your SD card's authenticity by using free tools such as FakeFlashTest.
  3. Make sure the drivers of your SD card reader are updated.
  4. Go to the Disk Management in Windows and change the drive letter of your SD card.
  5. Use the CHKDSK command in Windows to fix the system errors.

4. When you've mistakenly deleted your files from your device or formatted it.

In this case, you need to download and install the Sony SD card data recovery software to restore it without any obstacles. iBeesoft Data Recovery is considered the best, fastest, and secure way you can find any lost data on your Sony SD card from Windows or Mac. The best Sony memory card recovery software 100% safe and user-friendly program that gives you an absolute recovery for lost files from a Sony SD card and it supports any type of files like pictures, documents, video, audio, archives, email, etc. The best online SD card recovery software offers two scan modes to help in finding lost files quick scan and deep scan.

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How to Use Sony SD Card Data Recovery Tool to Recover Deleted Files from Sony SD Card

  1. Connect your Sony SD card to the computer
  2. You will need to take out the Sony SD card and use a card reader if necessary for the computer to read the SD card.

  3. Download the Sony SD Card Recovery tool
  4. There are separate versions for the iBeesoft Data Recovery. Click the download button to get the right one according to your computer operating system. After then, install it on your computer.

  5. Scan Sony SD Card for Deleted Files
  6. Launch the Sony SD Card data recovery software. All partitions of your computer as well as the connected external hard drives are listed there. Move the mouse over the list and click "Scan" for the drive that stands for the Sony SD card. It begins to recover deleted files from SD card on Mac or Windows PC.

  7. Data Recovery for Sony Memory Card
  8. It only takes a few minutes to recover Sony SD card software to scan for deleted files. During the scanning process, you can see part of the results is listed in the result window. When finding the right one, you can pause the scanning process. Select the file(s) to preview or click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Now, your lost data is recovered and saved in your preferred folder.

Part 3. Things to consider while choosing recovery software

You have to take care of a few things while you install data recovery software to recover your files from the Sony SD card. The key points are mentioned below.

For Sony SD card data recovery, there is plenty of software that matches all the criteria. You can go for iBeesoft Data Recovery, DiskDrill, Recuva, Recoverit, Stellar, EaseUs, etc. And iBeesoft Data Recovery offers the same service at a low cost. Make sure to recheck all the points mentioned above before installing any software to recover data from the Sony SD card.

It is important to use good SD card data recovery software for Mac or Windows and follow every step of the guideline. Keep patience while the process is going on, as sometimes scanning an SD card can take a few minutes. Make sure not to overwrite the data as, after that, you can't get it back, and also, don't format your Sony SD card after your data is lost, as in some cases, it may cause permanent loss of your data.