SD Card Recovery for Android Phones

We all store pictures, videos, music, documents and other important files on over SD card rather than on the internal memory of a Samsung phone. The reason is that it makes us simple to move the content from the card to a computer using the card reader. Unfortunately, several factors such as corruption, virus attack, and accidental deletion occur and cause data loss.

You have to understand the fact that recovering data from SD card used in a Samsung phone is possible only by using Android SD card data recovery program. Although you may not see on the card, they are still present in it in the binary form, which the recovery program helps in retrieving.

If you happen to notice that there is data loss on your SD card while you are using your Samsung, the first measure that you will be taking is stopping the utilization of the phone. The reason is simple - if you try to use the phone even after noticing the data loss, then it becomes difficult to use SD card recovery for Android to retrieve the last files.

Secondly, do not install an application from the Play Store to scan the phone. In several cases, these applications permanently delete the content, making it impossible to recover deleted files from SD card Android. Thirdly, do not use the built-in file manager provided by Google to search for content on the SD card.

How to recover deleted files Android SD card?

A better way to recover damaged SD card recovery Android is by using iBeesoft Data Recovery. The program is a platform where it is possible to retrieve records in three simple steps. The major advantage provided by the program is its ability to recognize any SD card and file categories such as photos, videos, documents, and more. The sub-file formats in each category make it more promising for the platform to retrieve any file type at the quickest rate.

Another plus point of the platform is the wizard mode, where you can quickly select the type of category, start the scan, and recover the files.

How to use iBeesoft data recovery in Android SD card recovery?

Step 1: Get the trial copy of iBeesoft data recovery from the official website. Install it on your computer with the simple instructions provided by the program. Upon commencing the program, you will view the following screen appear on your computer.

android sd card data recovery

Step 2: Take out the card, and connect it to the computer by using a card adapter and select file types you want recovery. As you can see, iBeesoft selects all the categories as default in recovering the content. If you desire to recover all the files, you can directly click the Start button to initiate the recovery process. However, if you require only selected file type, such as graphics, then uncheck "All File Types" feature. Let us see how to retrieve documents from the SD card. Choose "Pictures" feature and press Start.

android sd card recovery

Step 3: In the next window, iBeesoft will provide you the available partitions or external devices (if any). Please select your sd card to retrieve the content. Click Scan at the top right of the window to initiate the process.

Select android sd card to scanning loss data

Step 4: After iBeesoft completes the process, it will come up with the list of recoverable files from the SD card. You can later select an appropriate file to preview the content. Using this feature, you can mark multiple files and press recover to save them to the computer.

Tip: If the scanning procedure did not return with any files or did not find the missing data. You can click the yellow “deep scan”. iBeesoft will again scan using the deep scan technology and return with the more recoverable files.

recover data from Android SD card

Solutions for how to fix SD card not detected on Android phone

1.Why Android phone is unable to detect the SD card

If the Samsung phone is unable to detect the SD card, the first thing that you would want is to check the compatibility of the device. Although most of the devices offer support for all the formats, a few models do not provide complete support as of a high-end model. For example, lower end Android phones do not provide support for microSD cards.

Apart from this, many of us pay little attention to the SD card slot of the phone. With regular use, it is natural for the card slot to accumulate dirt particles. In such cases, it becomes difficult for the phone to detect the SD card. Cleaning once in a while is preferable under such conditions. Frequent removal of the SD card also tends to wear out the metal wires that detect the SD card.

2.Fixing SD card on Android did not work

If all the procedures as mentioned do not provide a proper fix, then it is time for you to try out formatting the disk. The only downside of this system is that you would be losing all the content. It would be difficult to retrieve using a third-party application such as the iBeesoft data recovery after formatting.

Establish a connection of the SD card with the computer using the adapter. If the computer can detect the SD card, then right click on the disk letter and choose the format option. By default, most of the SD cards use FAT32 File System. Ensure that it is set as default and press start button to begin the process. You can use "quick format" as an additional option. In the same window, you can also input a name to the card.


SD cards are sensible and frequent use makes them vulnerable. It is one of the reasons why we lose data when we regularly remove the card from Samsung phone. If you sense corruption of the SD card, it is preferable to use iBeesoft data recovery program, as it helps in retrieval of any file type and any category using the wizard mode.

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