How to Recover Deleted File from SATA Hard Drive

Updated to File Recovery Tips by Potter on Feb 21, 2022

SATA, or Serial ATA, short for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, is going to replace traditional PATA (Parallel ATA). With better error correction performance, it can check and correct data automatically, which contributes to data readability immensely. In a word, SATA is very popular among users because of its advantages of efficient and fast data transfer, and hot swapping.

However, when you make use of SATA hard drive, you may suffer from some relevant issues every now and then. For instance, some very important data may be deleted carelessly in the process of deleting useless files.

Is It Possible to Realize SATA Hard Drive Recovery on Windows?

The answer is yes of course. Apart from deleted files, data lost due to SATA hard drive formatting, virus invasion, unexpected system shutdown or partition damage can be recovered. In fact, the deleted data will not be erased right away. They are still there, but marked as invisible and inaccessible to users.

In this circumstance, you’d better not write new data to the SATA hard drive. Otherwise, the deleted data will be covered and then impossible to restore.

Recover Deleted Data from SATA Hard Drive in a Secure Way

Here is a piece of SATA Hard Drive data recovery softwareiBeesoftware Data Recovery, which enables you to recover document, image, music, email, video and more from sata hard drive. This hard drive data recovery software has a friendly interface to help you quickly and easily recover your all missing data, within couple clicks. It can not only recover deleted, formatted or lost files from computer. The data recovery software can recover data from external hard drive SD card, USB flash drive, etc.

Download for Windows Download for macOS

You can succeed in SATA hard drive recovery in just three steps:

Step 1: download this software and install it on your computer.

Step 2: choose the SATA hard drive to scan for the lost data.

Step 3: when scan is over, preview the found data and select the desired files to recover.

With the help of above brief introduction, we believe there is no difficulty in performing SATA hard drive recovery without effort. Because the found data can be previewed before recovery, you can check what files you need to recover deleted data from SATA hard drive.

Accident always happens without warnings. Many reasons may bring about data loss, virus attack, accidental deletion or formatting. When you are aware of data loss from storage drive, for whatever cause, stop using it. That’s the precondition you can finish data recovery successfully. And then, make use of a third-party recovery application to solve the problem quickly.

Although many data recovery programs can be seen on line, iBeesoft Data Recovery is the best choice on account of its extraordinary performance. Computer hard drive, mobile phone SD card and USB drive are very common devices we use. It is necessary to download this practical recovery tool to prepare for data recovery at any time.

Even if data loss is inevitable in drive daily use, you need to take measures to minimize the damage of data loss. Installing antivirus software and regular data backup are useful ways to protect data. Please pay close attention to our newest information to learn more about hard drive data recovery.