How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos/Files from Phone Memory Card

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" how do I recover deleted photos and videos from my Samsung phone memory card? My son deleted all the videos and photos there accidentally. It’s a disaster for me since there are many precious memories. Please give me some advice to recover deleted photos and videos from the phone memory card or perform phone memory card recovery. " -John

A phone is no longer a tool for making calls and sending text messages only. It has become a comprehensive tool regarded as a communication tool, videos/music player, camera, dictionary, even a tool to read the news. You can see how important it is for a person. However, you bring your phone with your every day, there are chances for you to make mistakes with it, liking deleting precious photos, videos, documents, emails and more on it. If you really do it, you must know how to get them back. In the following, I’m going to talk about how to recover photos from phone memory card, how to recover deleted files from phone memory or phone memory card data recovery.

Please note that to do the phone memory photo, video or other files recovery, a data recovery software tool is a must. Here I recommend you try iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is a professional yet affordable tool which is very powerful for phone memory data recovery.

Your Effective Phone Memory Data Recovery Software

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  • It supports all kinds of phone memory card, no worry about the incompatibility issues and great phone memory card recovery result. All found files are viewable be viewable before you recover them;
  • It supports almost all the file types you can save on a phone memory card, including photos, videos, documents, PPT, PDF, RTF, etc. For each type of file, it supports them in all kinds of formats.
  • 2 scan modes for you to choose from. Quick Scan saves your time for phone memory card data recovery and Deep Scan will scan deeper for a better undelete or format recovery result, but takes longer.
  • Easy to use for individuals. Generally speaking, it is designed for individuals with the simple interface and streamlined built-in guide.
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How Does the Phone Memory Card Tool Work?

In fact, all deleted photos, videos or other files are not deleted permanently right away. You can't see them visually, but they still exist. There is no trash bin on a phone, so we can’t retrieve the deleted photos and videos by restoring them. That’s why we need a phone memory card data recovery tool for help. All deleted files are marked as useless and waiting to be overwritten by new data. In this case, it’s better to recover the deleted data from phone memory card as soon as possible. Here are the simple steps for recover deleted photos on Android phone with iBeesoft Data Recovery.

Step 1. Connect your phone memory card directly to your computer via a memory card e-reader or use a USB cable to connect your phone with your computer. My suggestion is to remove your phone memory card from the phone first and connect it with the computer via an e-reader. It will effectively avoid the data overwritten.

Step 2. Click the download button to get the free trial version of iBeesoft Data Recovery. You can download the Windows or Mac version according to your computer OS. Both of them work great. Next, install them on your computer. It is a virus-free tool, feel free to do it.

Step 3. Launch the phone memory card software right away after you install it. From the main window, you're supposed to choose the file types you need to scan and recover from phone memory card. By default, all file types are checked and chosen, please uncheck the unwanted phones and click "Start" to recover deleted data from phone memory.

Step 4. From the next window, you can see all hard drives as well phone memory card is a list there. You only need to choose your phone memory card and click "Scan", letting the phone memory card scan for deleted videos, photos, documents and more for you.

Step 5. The scanning process may last longer if your phone memory card is full of deleted files. The longer the better result. Don’t worry. When it finished the scanning, you can see all found files are sorted into categories and listed on the left side. Click any of them, you can preview the corresponding found files. When finding the one you’re looking for, please select them and click "Recover", saving them to your computer.

As you can see in the result window, there is an option, named as "Deep Scan". If you do not find the target files from the phone memory card, you can try this feature to rescan your phone memory card. It will scan deeper for the target files and give you a better result.