Partition Recovery Mac - How to Recover Deleted Partition on Mac

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"I accidentally deleted a volume on my MacBook pro. Is there are a way to recover deleted partition on Mac and get lost files back? I really need the business reports. Thanks!"

You might be noticed that there is only one volume for a newly-bought Mac. To make it safer to store the files, you’re very likely to separate the local hard drive into different sections, namely partitions. However, like Windows OS, it is very easy for you to delete or lost the partitions, either intentionally or unintentionally with the following reasons:

  • To delete a file or folder, you drag the partition to the trash bin instead, deleted it accidentally.
  • Some files in the partition are attacked by virus. To make your computer safe, you have to delete the virus affected files or format the whole partition.
  • There is an error caused the macOS corruption, and to fix it, you Mac partition is lost or hidden.
  • The partition is almost full, you need to empty it for newly files.

Don’t worry. You can recover deleted files from the partition on Mac for no matter what reason caused the data loss. Let’s learn how to recover deleted partition on Mac and find missing data.

Part 1. How to Better Recover Deleted Partition on Mac

Part 2. Best Mac Partition Recovery Software to Fully Retrieve Files

Part 1. How to Better Recover Deleted Partition on Mac

Here are things you can’t do and need to do if you want to recover Mac partition and the lost files. Let’s start the things you can’t do:

  • Don’t write any data on your hard drive to avoid the deleting partition files are corrupted.
  • Don’t do any operation on the partition except for Mac partition recovery in the next part.
  • Don’t reformat the partition or repartition it on Mac.
  • Don’t re-create the volumes before a successful to recover deleted partition on Mac.

Why you’re not allowed to do the above-listed things? The lost data in the delete Mac partition is still there, but invisible. They are marked as useless files, waiting to be overwritten by new data. If you do any further operation, the data will be overwritten, disappearing permanently. At this time, it may cause recover partition on Mac failure.

Part 2. Best Mac Partition Recovery Software to Fully Retrieve Files

Here are the steps you need to follow to recover deleted partition on Mac to get the lost file. First and for the most, find a professional and reliable recovery partition Mac software. It will help you scan your Mac for the deleted partition data, and save them back to your Mac again. You can search for such kind of tools over the internet. Before using them to restore lost partition on your Mac, please make sure they are safe and effective. Of course, here you can save the trial and error process by using iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. It is a trustworthy tool to recover files from deleted partition on Mac.

Your Safe & Effective Partition Recovery Mac Software

mac partition recovery software
  • Supports over 500 types of commonly used files, can full recover deleted photos, documents, videos, and other files on Mac.
  • fully compatible with latest macOS and former version to recover files from deleted partition on Mac, simple to use without any extra computer techniques
  • Supported recover deleted files from SD card, SSD, USB drive, hard disk, digital camera, pen drive, etc on Mac.
recovery partition mac

Steps to Recover Files from Deleted Partition on Mac

Here are the steps for how to use this great tool to recover deleted partition on Mac. Download Mac deleted partition recovery software on your iMac or Macbook Pro. Install it like the way you install other software. Feel free to install and use it. It is virus-free and safe.

Step 1. Select files to scan

Run the recover partition Mac application on your computer. In the first start-up window, select the file types you want to recover files from the deleted partition on Mac. All files are selected by default. Uncheck the unwanted ones. Click "Start" to begin the process of Mac partition recovery.

recover deleted partition mac

Step 2. Select deleted partition to scan

In the newly pop-up window, all partitions on your Mac are displayed. Please target the partition to scan and click the "Scan" button.

partition recovery mac

Step 3. Recover files from deleted partition on Mac

It takes a few minutes for the recover deleted partition Mac software to scan the lost or deleted volume for files. The time consumption depends on how many files on the partition. More files mean it will take longer. After then, you can see the results are sorted into category. You can choose the file category in the left and preview the files on the right. When find the target files, click "Recover" to save them back to your Mac.

recover files from deleted partition on mac

Please note that the default scan mode for iBeesoft Data Recovery is Quick Scan. If you don’t find the target files in the result window, please try the "Deep Scan" by clicking it. It will scan your Mac deeper for the lost files from deleted partition on Mac.

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