How to Recover Files from Trash on Mac – Even Emptied It

Updated to macOS Data Recovery Tips by Lewis on Jun 26, 2021

"I accidentally deleted some photos and family videos on my Mac. Is there any way to recover files from trash on Mac? Oh, forget to say, I have emptied the trash bin and found there isn’t file exist."

A survey shows that deleting is one of the main reasons to result in data loss. You can easily delete photos, videos, documents or other files from Mac hard disk or removable devices. So, in order to avoid mistakenly delete the files or folders that result in complete loss of them. The Mac trash will temporarily save these files. As long as you don't empty it, you can put back deleted files from trash on Mac very simply. If you realized that you have deleted files on Mac and you need to restore from trash on Mac, then you need to take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll fail to find them. Here in the following, I’ll introduce you to how to recover emptied trash in Mac and how to restore files from trash on Mac, hoping it will be helpful for you.

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Part 1. How to Restore Files from Trash on Mac
Part 2. How to Recover Files from Trash in Mac after Empty

Part 1. How to Restore Files from Trash on Mac

The way many people use to delete files on Mac is dragging and dropping them to the trash bin directly. If you accidentally deleted files in this way, then you can simple to recover deleted files from trash on Mac. Click on the trash bin, then select the files you want to restore. Next, right-click on it and select "Put Back". That’s it. All the restored files will be put back to their original folders or directories.

Part 2. How to Recover Files from Trash in Mac after Empty

It is quite easy to recover files from trash on Mac if they are still there. The hard part is that you want to Mac restore trash after you emptied it. Luckily, there is still a workaround. Let’s learn how to restore item from trash on Mac after emptying it.

What happens when you empty the Mac trash?

All the files you deleted from the Mac trash bin are still in the Capsule on your Mac but been marked as deleted files and invisible. Space they once occupied is marked as space available for new data. Once the new data is generated, the deleted files will be overwritten, disappeared permanently. In this case, to Mac restore from trash, the reasonable action is to stop your Mac and prepare for the data recovery. The sooner the better. Otherwise, there is little chance to put back deleted files from the trash in Mac.

What do you need to recover trash on Mac?

At this point, you need a tool to help you because you can't see them. Here, I recommend iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac, a professional restore trash Mac software. It has powerful file recovery technology that can deep scan your trash to letting you preview and recover files from trash on Mac. For sure, there are some other such kinds of Mac trash recovery programs on the internet, but this one is stable, reliable and easy-to-use. Before you do anything, you can download the free trial version to scan and recover files from emptied trash, checking out they are still there or not.

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Simple steps for how to recover files from trash on Mac

Click the download button to get the Mac Macintosh HD recovery software and installation it on your Mac. Install it to your Mac as you do for other utilities. It is virus-free, so feel free to install it. It is fully compatible with almost all the commonly Mac OS X.

Step 1. Select File Type(s) to Scan

In the main window, all the supported file types are listed. You only need to check the ones you want to recover from the trash in Mac and uncheck the unwanted ones. To save your time, it is the smart way because it will shorten the scanning process. Next, click "Start".

Step 2. Chose hard drive to Scan

In the next window, you’re supposed to choose the hard disk of your Mac to scan for the deleted files. Please select the right one from where you have lost your files. And then, click the "Scan" button to let the software scan and retrieve files from trash on Mac.

Step 3. Mac restore files from trash

It will take you a few minute for the scanning. After the process, all the found files are displayed in the result window. You need to unfold the directory in the left side to preview the files under it. When you see the files you want to recover, click "Recover" to save the selected files on your Mac.

What to do if you haven’t seen the trash bin deleted files? Try the "Deep Scan" feature in the result page. this restore trash Mac program will scan your computer deeper for the deleted files.