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SD memory card is a new-generation memory device based on semiconductor flash memory. Due to its small size, fast data transfer speed, and hot capability, it is widely used in digital cameras, camcorders, phones, multimedia players, etc. SD cards are amazing little storage devices that have transformed how we use digital devices. No longer are we limited by the device's internal storage.

We can easily store massive amounts of data on a tiny SD card. However, this convenience comes at a price. It's easy to lose data on an SD card, the most frustrating issue that SD card users face. Many causes for files stored on a memory card get removed, such as accidental deletion, formatting, or virus attack. It's heartbreaking to lose precious photos or important files. Luckily, there are ways available to recover deleted files from SD card. Next, so that you can learn more about it.

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Part 1. What to Do After Deleted SD Card Files?
Part 2. Best Way to Recover Deleted SD Card Files on Windows/macOS
Part 3. Some Alternatives to Restore Files from Memory Card
Part 4. How to Avoid SD Card Corruption and Data Loss
Part 5. How to Avoid Deleted Memory Card Private Data from Being Recovered
Part 6. Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do After Deleted SD Card Files?

However, there are some tips to minimize the risk of data loss and improve your chances of recovering memory card lost files.

To successfully recover permanently deleted from an SD card, implement the steps mentioned earlier to protect your data from corruption and overwriting.

Best Way to Recover Deleted SD Card Files on Windows/macOS

Have you accidentally deleted some photos, videos, or other files from your memory card, only to realize that you needed them too late? It can be a frustrating experience, but it's important to know that unlike files deleted from a computer, which will move to the recycle bin. But, once a file is removed from a memory card, it's gone forever and will not give you a chance to undo the deletion. So if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having deleted an important file, don't despair. With the help of file recovery tools, you may still be able to recover deleted files from an SD card.

Whatever the situation to leads to the loss of memory card data, the iBeesoft Data Recovery can help. Equipped with the latest technology and user-friendly software, quickly extract lost data from your card. What's more, it can repair damaged files and supports different file formats, making it one of the market's most versatile recovery tools for memory cards. So if you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use solution for recovering deleted files from your SD card, the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool is perfect. So please don't wait any longer; download it now and get your lost data back!

Download for Windows Download for macOS

To Recover Deleted Files from SD Card Files on PC

  1. Connect your SD card to the Windows PC.
  2. Select the required version for your computer and install the application for free.
  3. Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery, choose memory card, and tap on 'Scan.'
  4. After the scanning procedure is completed, all the recoverable files will display on your screen. You can select them for preview to ensure the correctness of the file.
  5. Afterward, If they are, select them and tap 'Recover' to save those files somewhere on your system.

To Retrieve Deleted Files from SD Card Files on Mac

If you've ever experienced the sinking feeling of losing important files, you know how valuable a good Mac data recovery software can be. iBeesoft Data Recovery software is the priority of every user to recover deleted files on Mac. It functions well on both Windows as well as Mac. Exclusively made for users who wish to access undelete from SD card in macOS. In comparison with the other tools, it's reliable and secure.

It supports every card like memory card, XD/SDHC/MMC/CF card, SD Card, etc. You can access any kind of files from your SD card on Mac, including pages, documents, photos, Word, music, PowerPoint, video, etc. Apply the steps for macOS below to use this tool.

  1. Start with connecting your SD card with the Mac through your card reader. Remember to insert your SD card into the SD card slot if it exists.
  2. Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. Select all the file types in your main Window for scanning. As mentioned before, it supports 1000+ file types. To shorten your scanning procedure, uncheck all the unnecessary files. It would make it easy to find your targeted files. Tap on the 'Start' icon.
  3. After selecting your SD card, tap the 'Scan' button and start with the scanning process.
  4. After scanning, all the searched files are visible on the screen and sorted into a particular category. Make sure to unveil the type and preview all the files belonging to that category. For example, look for the required files and hit 'Recover' to save the files on your Mac.

Some Alternatives to Restore Files from Memory Card

Many people have experienced the frustration of accidentally deleting a file, only to realize too late that they need it. Most people think that once a file is removed from an SD card, it's gone forever. However, there are some other ways to recover deleted files from SD card, but they are limited. Below we list the applicable methods of the categories for your reference.

1. Use the Undo Shortcut
for Windows (Ctrl+Z) for Mac (Command+Z). It only works when you delete and hit the critical combination immediately
2. from File History/Time Machine
They are backup tools built into Windows and Mac. If you made a backup before the data was deleted, then you can try to restore the deleted SD card files from the backup.
3. Use TestDisk
The primary purpose of TestDisk is to repair damaged drives, but it still has a file recovery option. But it is a command line interface, and it is difficult for the average user to use.
4. Contact a Professional Data Recovery Service
If the card has been damaged, such as bent or broken, you need to send it to a professional data recovery service. They have the specialized equipment and expertise to extract the data safely. But these services are usually quite expensive, but they may be able to recover permanently deleted files from SD card.

How to Avoid SD Card Corruption and Data Loss

However, if they are not adequately protected, the files they contain can be easily lost or corrupted. You can take a few some measure to help ensure that your files are safe and sound.

By following these tips, you can help protect your files on the memory card and avoid data loss.

How to Avoid Deleted Memory Card Private Data from Being Recovered

Every day, we create digital memories stored on our phones, cameras, and computers. However, these memories are not always safe. If you remove some shot or video from your memory card, there is a chance that it can be recovered by someone else. You can do some things to avoid recovering secret files from an SD card after intentional deletion.

Finally, be sure to keep your memory card in a safe place. Please do not leave it in plain sight or an unlocked car or bag. These precautions prevent others from recovering your private data from your memory card.


Here, you will know a few easy methods to recover deleted files from memory card and keep data safe. If you accidentally deleted some important files from your SD card, use the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool to regain access to all your files. Finally, it's recommended to regularly backup their important files to avoid getting access to it when their system crashes, or it gets permanently removed from the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever accidentally removed a file from your SD card, or had your card become corrupted and lost all your data? If so, you're not alone. Despite their durability, SD cards are susceptible to the same problems as any other storage device. Fortunately, you can do some tips to recover lost or damaged files. Here, we'll answer some of the questions about SD card recovery.