Memory Stick Recovery: How to Recover Files from Memory Stick

A memory stick is capable of storing data similar to that of a hard disk. By connecting it to a system, a user can transfer the required data to the USB drive and work on the files on a different system by moving the same. The memory stick is easy to use and can store a lot of important data. However, for various reasons, the data will be lost from memory stick.

The situation is under which that you can lose data from your memory stick are as follows:

How to Perform Memory Stick Recovery

if your data loss from memory stick and wish to retrieve the sensitive information present in it, then look no beyond by opting for the use of iBeesoft data recovery for Windows or Mac. With the help of the memory stick recovery program developed by iBeesoft, it is possible for any individual to retrieve all the deleted, lost or formatted files from memory stick, hard drive, camcorders, and external hard drive.

The important aspect of the memory stick recovery program is its ability to scan for the lost files using the deep scan mode technology. With this technology, iBeesoft stands atop when compared to others, as it recovers every lost data from the device. Most importantly, the entire process of retrieving data finishes in three simple steps - selecting the lost file type, scanning the device/PC, reviewing the recoverable data, marking the necessary files, and recovering the same. The following are the important features of iBeesoft data recovery:

How to Utilize iBeesoft Data Recovery to Reclaim Lost Data from Memory Stick

Before proceeding ahead with the recovery, you can download the trial version and install it on your system. The trial version possesses all the features and allows you to recover files from memory stick. After finishing the installation procedure, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1.By default, this memory stick recovery selects all the file formats that it can scan and retrieve as shown in the picture below. If you are seeking for a specific file format, you can uncheck the other formats and click on the start button. However, if you wish to proceed with the action of scanning for all the file formats, you can directly click the start button from the main screen without opting for a specific file format. Selecting "All File Types" is useful if you are unable to find the file format that you wish to retrieve.

memory stick data recovery

Step 2.Once you click the start button, the memory stick data recovery will transfer you to a new window, where you can view the partitions of the hard drive along with the connected memory card. It will even display the total amount of space available in each partition. You can then check the memory stick or the required partition of the hard drive, and click the scan button to allow iBeesoft data recovery to carry out the scanning process. Depending on the selection, the software will consume specific time to complete the scanning.

how to recover files from memory stick

Step 3.After completion of the scan, memory stick data recovery software will display the recovered files in a new window. If the records that you are looking for are available, you can click the recover button and select the location to save the files. However, if you do not see the lost data, You can click the yellow "Deep Scan" button to recover data from memory stick. Deep scan technology developed by iBeesoft data recovery digs deep into the selected drive and helps in recovering every bit of the selected file format. Note that deep scan technology process is time-consuming and you will have to wait for a while before the software completes the scan. Upon completion, iBeesoft will display in detail about the recoverable files from the memory card or the selected partition of the hard drive. From the list, you can mark the files that are important or select all and press the recover button. Choose the location other than the selected partition or memory stick to save the lost files.

recover fiels from memory stick


The use of memory stick is helpful for many individuals, as it is easy to carry valuable information at any time. However, the reasons mentioned in this article can pose a threat to loss of data. Nevertheless, with the help of iBeesoft data recovery, you can quickly search for the important files present on the memory stick and retrieve them in simple steps as explained above.

The advantage provided by the iBeesoft program is the presence of the deep scan technology, which will help you in recovering lost or corrupted files that it fails to display using regular scanning procedure. Now that you have the best solution available, you no longer have to worry about lost data.

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