iBoysoft Data Recovery and Best iBoysoft Data Recovery Alternative You Must Know

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Everyone has precious information which he keeps stored in his computer drives, USB drives, and other external drives. Sometimes it happens that our computer crashes, we unintentionally delete the data, the other external drives get corrupted and even infection from viruses or other malware affects our precious stored data. This is where data recovery software like iBoysoft Data Recovery comes in.

Part 1. What iBoysoft Data Recovery is used for?

iBoysoft Data Recovery is software which you can use to recover precious data which has unintentionally been deleted, lost due to computer crashes and other external drives crashes, as well as data from recover data from virus and malware infected drives.

Part 2. Is iBoysoft Data Recovery Safe?

iBoysoft Data recovery is 100% safe as a data recovery software because,

After many tests performed using the software and considering the numerous user reviews, we can therefore safely call iBoysoft Data Recovery safe and legitimate software for use.

Part 3. Is iBoysoft Data Recovery Free?

iBoysoft Data Recovery offers a free version of the software which can enable you to recover up to 1GB of lost data which can enable you to experience how it works and how easy it is to be used for data recovery.

On the paid plan, iBoysoft Data Recovery comes with a price of $69.95 for a 1-year license on windows while on Mac, it comes with a price of $89.95 for a 1-month license and $109.95 for a 1-year license.

Part 4. Best iBoysoft Data Recovery Alternative Free Download and Free Use

iBoysoft Data Recovery has as best free to download and use alternative, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery. This is a safe and equally reliable data recovery software which can replace iBoysoft Data recovery effectively without any compromise in efficiency and activity. iBeesoft Data Recovery can equally enable you to restore data lost in any data loss scenario as well as permit you to recover data from a Raw drive. With a Trustscore of 4.7 by 1695 users, iBeesoft Data Recovery is used by many in their different data recovery problems both on Windows and on Mac. iBeesoft Data Recovery can equally enable you to recover data from any type of drive no matter its file system and supports more than 1000 different file types giving you the opportunity to recover your data without leaving out any file type.

Download iBeesoft Free Data Recovery to have a try!

Download for Windows Download for macOS

Part 5. iBoysoft Data Recovery VS. iBeesoft Data Recovery software

Although both software tools are very similar in their characteristics and function, they also have key differences which can influence your choice of software to use as a user. They include,

* Free versions

Their free versions offer different recovery services. iBoysoft Data Recovery’s trial version can enable you to recover up to 1GB of data for free while iBeesoft Free Data Recovery can enable you to recover up to 2GB of data for free.

* Price

iBoysoft Data Recovery as mentioned above has a price of $69.95 for a 1-month license on windows while on Mac, it comes with a price of $89.95 for a 1-month license and $109.95 for a 1-year license. This makes it more expensive for Windows and Mac than iBeesoft Data Recovery. You can check out the chart below:

* Previewing of files

iBoysoft Data Recovery does not give you the possibility to preview files during the scanning process and even after the scanning process, you can preview mostly image files while the other file types such as videos and audio cannot be previewed. Some documents can be previewed while some others cannot. On the other hand, iBeesoft Data Recovery gives you the possibility to preview files during scanning and even to pause the scanning process for previewing your files. Also, iBeesoft Data Recovery permits you to preview all the file types that you can recover.

* Duration and types of scan modes

Scanning takes a long time on iBoysoft Data Recovery than it takes on iBeesoft Data Recovery. Even though you can choose between a quick and a deep scan on iBoysoft Data Recovery, both scanning modes are relatively slower compared to the scanning mode in iBeesoft Data Recovery which starts with a quick scan mode before automatically switching to the deep scan mode once the quick scan is done (If you have found your files, you can stop the scanning process and recover your files)

* User experience

The user experience on iBoysoft Data Recovery is not the best as it is has a long response time per click compared to that on iBeesoft Data Recovery. Also, files are better classified for recovery on iBeesoft Data Recovery as compared to how they are classified on iBoysoft Data Recovery as commented by some users.

* BitLocker Encryption Recovery

This feature is available on iBoysoft Data Recovery but it is not available on iBeesoft Data Recovery.

From the comparison above, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery is really a great choice if you do not have much budget. It could be the one the offers a better data recovery service with less cost. Feel free to use it.

Tips: no matter which software you’re going to use to recover files from pen drives, computers, cameras, android devices, SD cards, usb drives, to increase your chances of data recovery, do not install anything in the drive from which the files where lost and do not modify it in anyway. This prevents the files to be recovered from being overwritten by other files which then leads to a permanent data loss scenario.