Data Recovery Software for MMC Card - Recover Data from MMC Card

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"Is there any data recovery software for MMC card letting me get pictures back from the MMC card? I don’t know why my pictures lost. Please help me."

You can always see people are asking "how do I recover deleted files from my MMC card" and "how to retrieve the lost data in MMC card". Compared with the SD card, the up to 128GB MMC card can save files as many as you like while an SD card is only up to 2GB. However, more files in the MMC card is risky if there is a problem with your MMC card. No matter what happened, you should first learn how to try your luck to find the deleted or formatted data from the MMC card. This article will walk you through the whole process of how to restore files from MMC Card with the useful data recovery software for MMC Card.

Simple and Best Data Recovery Software for MMC Card

If you want to retrieve the deleted or lost data from the MMC card, a workable MMC card data recovery software is a must. You know, all deleted or lost files from portable devices/external storage devices do not disappear permanently. They’ll stay where they’re on the device until they’re replaced/overwritten by new data. In this case, the best time to recover data from MMC card is the moment you find your files gone and perform the MMC card recovery right away. The sooner the better. Please note that all deleted or lost files on the MMC Card are not visible even you try the command line to show them. Only with a professional data recovery software for MMC Card, you can see the files after the program scan and find them.

Among these so-called MMC data recovery software tools, I’d like to recommend you iBeesoft Data Recovery. It’s one of the most popular software for individuals. Known for its capability of recovering data from computer hard drives, external hard drives, as well as all kinds of storage devices, it comes with a simple interface and ordinary langue, making it very easy for you to operate it. No jargon, no computer techniques needed. And other features you need to learn:

Your Effective Data Recovery Software for MMC Card

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  • Supports to extract all kinds of pictures, videos, audio files, documents and more from MMC Card.
  • Quick Scan shorts scanning process and Deep Scan recovery files even with part file properties lost.
  • Fully compatible with MMC Card, ensuring the data recovery process for MMC Card.
  • Streamline the recovery process with no jargon. The best SD card recovery software can get back you lost files within 3 clicks.
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How to Recover Deleted Files from MMC Card

  1. Get the data recovery software for MMC Card on your PC
  2. Click the download button to download the latest version of the iBeesoft Data Recovery on your computer. A separate version for both Windows PC and Mac are available.

  3. Connect your MMC card with your computer
  4. It’s easy to connect with Windows PC. As for Mac, I think you must make use of an external SD card or MMC card slot. MMC is compatible with the SD slot as well. After connecting it with your computer, you can see it is detected as an external hard drive. Then you can start to recover SD card on Mac or Windows PC.

  5. Select the MMC card to scan
  6. From the first window, select the MMC card as the target hard drive to scan for deleted or lost files and click "Scan". After then, the memory card recovery software begins to scan for the target files right away. It might take a few minutes if there are multiple files once saved on this MMC card. Be patient until the scanning process finished.

  7. Check and save files lost from memory card
  8. In the result window, you can select the file type in the left panel, filtering files with file extensions and check out the details on the right side. When finding the target files, please select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Never save the files to the MMC card again to avoid data lost permanently.

Are MMC and SD Cards are the Same

No, actually they’re quite different. Check out the differences between MMC and SD cards.