How to Recover Data from Damaged Partition

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"How can I recover data from a damaged partition? There are so many pictures, documents, and important workbook. It’s a nightmare when the partition is damaged. Does it mean I will find the data lost, right?"

It’s a disaster when you find that your partition is damaged because it means that you may lose everything from the partition, including your pictures, important documents, excel workbooks, PDF documents, invoices, and more. In this case, the very first thing comes to your mind must be how to do the damaged partition recovery. When a search on the internet, you might get a little information about how to retrieve files from damaged partition. Indeed, you can try your luck to rescue it. However, you need to know the right steps and the right restore damaged partition software for help. Otherwise, you might cause all data erased or lost permanently. Here in the following, we’re talking about what you should do and how to do it.

How to Recover Files from Damaged Partition

First, please keep in mind, never try to get the data back from the damaged partition manually. After your drive damaged, you might not know what happened. In this case, you might try to reset it to factory settings or try to format it to fix the issue. All I need to tell you is that all these operations will risk your data lost permanently from the damaged hard drive. You know all data saved on storage devices is not lost right away, but waiting to be replaced by new data. So, stop any further operation on the damaged partition.

Second, find a professional damaged partition recovery software tool for help. There are many options over the internet. You can download the one that’s fully compatible with your computer, letting you recover data from the damaged partition either on Windows PC or Mac properly.

If you never have any experience for downloading a software tool over the internet, I’d like to recommend you one of the top damaged partition data recovery tools, that’s iBeesoft Data Recovery. It’s specially designed for users to find all kinds of files from partition, drives, external hard drives, etc, preventing user’s data from lost or erased permanently by the computer system itself. Here are some of its main features for your reference:

Your Effective Damaged Partition Recovery Software

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  • Recover over 800 file types from damaged partitions, including pictures in different formats, videos, audio files, documents, etc.
  • Easy to use with a simplified interface. None computer savvy can make full use of recover damaged partition easily.
  • It can also restore formatted partition, undelete partition and recover RAW partition from built-in disk, external hard drive, etc.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Steps to Damaged Partition Recovery in Windows 11/10/8/7/XP and macOS

If you’re looking for a partition recovery software tool free download, you can free try the program as the trial version will help you scan the damaged partition, looking for all the selected file types you need. Here are the simple steps for how to restore data from the damaged partition with iBeesoft Data Recovery.

  1. Install the iBeesoft data recovery software
  2. You can click the download button to download the right version of the software for your computer, either Windows OS or macOS. Choose the one that’s right for your computer. Install it on your computer and launch it. If you’ve removed the damaged partition from the computer, please connect it with your computer, making sure your computer can detect it.

  3. Select the damaged partition to recover
  4. In the next new window, you can see all partitions or connected external hard drives are listed. Select the damaged partition and click "Scan". The recover damaged partition utility will scan the it looking for files you need.

  5. Preview and recover files from damaged partition
  6. In the next step, you can see the found files by the damaged partition recovery software. In the left directory, you can filter files to preview with file type and extension. When finding the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your other hard drive. Don’t save it again to the damaged partition.