SD Card Recovery Software- How to Recover Data from Corrupted SD Card

Data lost in corrupted SD Card

With more capable trends and technologies reaching masses every day, all our crucial data like photos, videos and documents is stored in smartphones only. But lack of proper care, mishandling, virus attack, and accidental deletion can lead to corrupted SD card leading to loss of critical data. A corrupted SD Card means all your stored valuable data, be it photos, videos or even documents is at stake.

The files may become corrupted or inaccessible when viewed, wiping away the data without any prior warning. In such cases, we need to take the assistance of a data recovery program to restore the data before it is lost forever.

This article is an instruction manual guiding through the process of data recovery from a corrupted SD Card along with the common symptoms and workarounds to a corrupted SD Card.

Recommended recovery software: iBeesoft Data Recovery

The first thing to do when a SD card is corrupted is to rescue important data from the SD card that can be done only with the help of a data recovery tool.

Using iBeesoft Data Recovery is a tested and easy-to-use tool which can be used without any technical knowledge, whatsoever. It provides Windows data recovery and Mac file recovery for you to choose. Irrespective of what caused the loss of data, it helps efficiently restore over 100 file types, free of cost for up to 200MB of data through a smooth process to quickly recover the lost data.

What makes iBeesoft Data Recovery stand out of the crowd is its ability to provide a preview of the files so as to restore only the intended data not only from SD cards but also from USB flash drives, formatted partitions of hard disks, external storage devices and much more.

Step-by-step guide for how to recover data from corrupted SD card by using iBeesoft Data Recovery

Step1. Install your trial copy of iBeesoft data recovery by following simple installation instructions provided by the program. Upon completion, you should see the below home screen appear on your computer as the program is launched.

It shows various categories that can be chosen from for data recovery. All categories are chosen by the program by default, though we can choose only the ones we intend to recover be it music, photos, or documents. Just uncheck the "All File Types" option and choose the desired file type as the recovery option, further clicking on the Start button.

sd card data recovery

Step2. It takes you to the next screen that displays a list of partitions and external storage devices that we need to choose from in order to retrieve the data. Please select your SD card and clicking on the Scan button to the top right of the screen initiates digging into the chosen folder or partition for all the recoverable files.

select sd card to scan lost data

Step3. Upon completion, a window comprising a list of recoverable files under the selected folder appears on the screen. We can preview the file data and, as per the requirements, mark multiple files that we intend to recover. Once the intended file is fetched, make your selection and click on Recover to save it to your computer.

recover data from corrupted sd card


If the program fails to fetch the desired files, go for the "Deep Scan" option for an in-depth scan. The Deep Scan can take longer for completion compared to the ordinary scan, but it can scan more loss data.

Common symptoms for corrupted SD card

7 ways to fix corrupted SD Cards


Haphazard and frequent plugging of SD cards to different devices often lead to SD card corruption and in extreme cases, permanent loss of data. Hence, corruption of SD card should be dealt with at once using the iBeesoft data recovery program.

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