Why C Drive Is Full and How to Make Space

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Is your computer showing a warning "You are running out of space on Local Disk (C:)....?" This warning indicates that the C drive is getting full. It is not ideal not to have a full C drive. There can be multiple reasons behind this issue for instance, an excessive amount of software. Let’s find out the answer to "How to solve c drive full problem?"

Part 1: Reasons for C Drive is Full

There are multiple factors which are responsible for covering space in C drive, we have listed the most common of them.

What Happens If the C Drive is Full?

If your C drive is running of space than you may encounter one or more of the situations given:

Part 2: 8 Hacks to Fix C Drive is Full

We now know our problem, let’s find the solution. We are going to provide you with eight useful hacks to free the space. These hacks are very helpful in getting free space if the c drive is full. You will then know that if the c drive is full how to fix it.

1. Clean up Desktop/Favourites/Documents/Photos/Music/Videos

It is a simple technique that can help you a lot. If the "C" drive is full, then you need to move data to the “D” drive from the following directories.

It will boost the performance of your PC. If the C drive is full after disk clean up then you may have a virus or malware on your PC. It is also good to remove all the duplicate files. To delete the duplicate files, you can use iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder. iBeesoft Duplicate file finder is one of the best duplicate file finders for windows. You can remove all the duplicate files with a single click.

2. Remove Downloads

You may have an excess of downloaded data. It is a good idea to delete all downloads which are no longer needed. Also, you can delete the unwanted files regularly to avoid this issue.

3. Find and Remove Big Monster Files

You may be wondering "C drive is full what to delete" stop thinking and go for the unwanted large files. The reson behind it, if a person cannot work more than its capacity, similarly a machine cannot store more than its storage. So on the first hand, try not to have very big files on your computer. If you face the issue of disk space remove these large files and experience the difference. You can use the following procedure to find big files if you are using windows 10.

Step 1: Open the "settings", click on the "system". Then click on "storage".

Step 2: Under the Local Disk (C:) section there will be a list of files or files covering the space.

Step 3: To see more options click on show more categories.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Software (Especially the One That Occupies Too Much)

If you are not using software then why do you need it? It is not wise to have additional unwanted software on the pc. It just covers space but also slows down your pc. There are two methods to uninstall the software.

First Method:

Step 1: Go to "this pc" and click "computer".

Step 2: From the top bar select "uninstall or change a program".

Step 3: Uninstall the software you don’t use. Start with the big ones.

Second Method:

Step 1: Search for the control panel in the taskbar.

Step 2: Select programs and then programs and features.

Step 3: Right-click on the program you want to remove and then click uninstall.

5. Remove Temporary Files

The temporary files can take large space and may slow down your PC. You can also remove temporary files to free the space. You can follow the following steps to delete the temporary files in windows 10.

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Then go to system and click on storage.

Step 3: Click on temporary files it will show you the use of storage in "C:".

Step 4: Check the boxes of the type of temporary files you are wishing to remove.

Step 5: Click on the "remove files" button to remove them.

6. Make Use of Cloud Services (Google Drive, iCloud, etc.)

It is possible that you may not have any unnecessary software. Also, you wish to keep all of your data. In this situation, you can move your data to cloud storage. You can use Google Drive or iCloud to store this data. You can always access your data from the cloud also it is always secure. You can always rely on them to store large data. It is always easy to move folders from PC to cloud and vice versa. By using the cloud you’ll free some space and also you’ll secure your sensitive data.

7. Extend C Drive Space by Repartition It (Risky and Might Get Files Lost)

If the c drive is getting full even after deleting files try to extend C drive. But it is a tricky and risky solution. You can extend your C drive. As it is risky it is wise to back up the drive before extending it. There are many methods to extend any drive. You can do it manually through CMD or disk management or you can also take help from third party software.

Extending C Drive in Windows 10 Using Disk Management:

You can take some space from another drive and give it to C drive. The only condition for this procedure is the other drive must have some space.

Step 1: Right click on "this pc" select Manage > storage > Disk Management.

Step 2: Right-click on C drive and then choose "extend volume" to continue.

Step 3: Add more size to the drive and click next to continue.

Step 4: And finally click finish to continue.

Extending C Drive in Windows 10 through Command Prompt:

This procedure is the same as Disk Management. But it is recommended that amateurs should not go for this method as a tiny mistake can destroy your hard drive.

Step 1: Press Windows and X simultaneously and choose Command Prompt admin.

Step 2: Type the given commands and end each command with the return key.

Step 3: Add more size to the drive and click next to continue.

Step 4: And finally click finish to continue.

If your disk does not have any unallocated space you cannot use this method in windows 10.

8. Add Another Disk

If you are not satisfied by the above points you can increase the size of memory you have. You have two options for increasing the size.

We have tried to provide you the best hacks for getting extra space on your pc. Now it is up to you how you will utilize it. Before applying any technical procedure try to find duplicate files in Windows 10 and Windows 7 you will notice the difference. You can use iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder to get rid of them.