Best Combo Cleaner for Mac Alternatives You Should Know

Combo Cleaner for Mac is a system optimizer and antivirus software. The application runs on all the Mac computers, even those running with the latest updates such as Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra. What makes it unique from the rest of the apps is its approach in scanning the system, optimizing it, and eliminating threats. Along with the antivirus function, the program also has disk cleaner, duplicate files finder, big files finder, application uninstaller, and privacy scanner.

Many people who are unaware or never heard about Combo Cleaner Mac often mistake it for the illegitimate program. However, it is not valid, and the software is safe for use on Mac systems. It quickly identifies a threat and removes it with ease.

Users can download the software without paying anything from the official website of Combo Cleaner. The Combo Cleaner free version of the program allows people to use disk cleaner, scan the system and remove application caches, logs, and trash.

The premium version allows one to gain complete access to the features. The Combo Cleaner price of the subscription plan starts from $7.99 per month. One will have to spend at least $100 or more to purchase all the features in the software. Therefore, opting for the subscription is the right solution.

The premium version allows one to gain complete access to the features. The Combo Cleaner price of the subscription plan starts from $7.99 per month. One will have to spend at least $100 or more to purchase all the features in the software. Therefore, opting for the right solution to help you clean Mac system storage.

Disadvantages of Using Combo Cleaner

1. Combo Cleaner free version does not provide all the features. Instead, it offers general options such as disk cleaning, cache cleaning, and uninstall unwanted applications.

2. Mac Combo Cleaner requires a subscription of $7.99 monthly or a one-time purchase that costs more than $100.

3. Combo Cleaner reduces the functionality of the system when it is performing a scan.

4. Disk cleaning provided by the software does not live up to the expectations.

5. Combo Cleaner virus is rampant and found easily on several websites that are selling the software.

6. Combo Cleaner anti-malware fails to function to the optimum measure, as it skips a few during its scan and protection.

7. Customer support from the company is inferior.

Five Best Alternatives for Combo Cleaner for Mac

1.iBeesoft iCleaner for Mac

combo cleaner for mac safe

iBeesoft iCleaner is a powerful and secure way to clean the hard drives of a Mac. The tool uses the latest technology to help users have all the options and ease with which they can optimize their Mac. Cleaning junk files from the system not only increases the storage space, but it also enhances the performance and protects privacy. With the help of the tool, users can save time by avoiding digging through folders and files. A complete scan of the system takes less time and displays the entire junk present on the hard disk. It even shows mail attachments, bash history, and more. As it provides complete details, one can choose large or unwanted files and delete them to make the Mac clean and tidy.


  • Logical interface and scanning speed is fast
  • Fix startup disk full on Mac and helps in optimizing the Mac
  • This alternatives combo cleaner for mac affordable pricing


  • Fails to search for duplicate files

2. CleanMyMac X

combo cleaner free

CleanMyMac X acts as a servant for your Mac. It helps in cleaning the interiors so well that the system functions with full potential. As temporary files build-up easily, the tool unclutters everything with ease and comes with a complete toolkit to deal with several problems.


  • Intuitive interface and scans for clutter at a reasonable speed
  • Erases unwanted files with ease
  • Optimizes the performance of the Mac


  • Expensive than others Mac combo cleaner
  • No option to search for duplicate files

3. DaisyDisk

mac combo cleaner

Every Mac user requires software that will help in erasing unwanted data from the hard drive. DaisyDisk is one such program that acts with ease. It virtually represents the hard drive in the form of a concentric graph. It, thus, makes it simple for users to find big files that are consuming more space. Deleting the data is even easy, as one can drag the data at the bottom of the window that removes them from the system. The layout of the program is such that it makes it easy for anyone to get rid of all the unwanted files stored or hidden in the hard drive and unused for many years.


  • Gorgeous interface
  • Represents the junk files in concentric graph and can drag and drop to delete files
  • This alternative combo cleaner Mac tool can also improve system performance


  • The visual view of connected disks is not helpful
  • Expensive and has only the ability to delete files

4. MacBooster 7

combo cleaner for mac

MacBooster 7 is another cleaning application for Mac. With features such as Startup Optimizer and Uninstaller, it stands in the best apps that improve the performance of the Mac along with the ability to delete unwanted files. The Photo Sweeper is the new addition along with the Turbo boost, which helps users to have the best performance of their Mac.


  • Malware scanner
  • Reset featured
  • Simple interface


  • Improper antivirus protection
  • Unwanted alerts

5.Parallels Toolbox

combo cleaner mac

Parallels Toolbox gives an array of useful tools. Mac cleaning tools include clean drive, uninstall applications, find duplicate files, free memory, capture screenshots, and more. Using the applications helps in keeping the Mac clutter-free and at optimum efficiency.


  • One-shop store for everything
  • The Mac combo cleaner has a simple interface


  • May not be efficient at times