How to Full/Complete System Backup of Windows 10 Guide

"Does Windows 10 have a backup program? I want a complete system backup of Windows 10 since I have installed so many important software tools. I don’t want them gone away for any disaster or computer crash".

Though it has been easier than ever to set the computer to factory settings, as the best and the once for all solution to solving all kinds of problem, it’s still a headache for people who have installed many software tools and saved important files on Desktop. It’s a disaster for people to reinstall Windows 10 and then download/buy tools again to install. In this case, it’s better for people to backup operating system Windows 10. By doing this, it helps:

  • Safeguard the whole data saved in Drive Letter C, including software installed there as well files saved on Desktop.
  • Prevent data lost as well as avoid buying some software tools the second time.
  • Save the computer from disaster once it is crash, and you have to use the Windows 10 system backup to restore the computer.
  • Transfer the whole data from the old Windows 10 computer to new one or vice versa.

Generally, there are 2 ways to make the full system backup of Windows 10. Let’s check them out right away:

Part 1. How to Backup Windows 10 System with Built-in Feature

Part 2. Full Backup Windows 10 System Safely and Automatically (Recommend)

Part 1. How to Backup Windows 10 System with Built-in Feature

Starting with Windows 10 version 1709, Microsoft is no longer maintaining the System Image Backup feature, but you can try the tool if you know the Windows 10 operating system fully and you have a clear idea for how it works and where the backup file saved. Here are the simple steps to full Windows 10 system backup:

Step 1. Click the Windows icon, also named as Start > Click "Control Panel".

Step 2. Choose "System and Security". Next, click "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)". After then, click "Create a system image" option in the left panel.

windows 10 system backup

Step 3. Set up the file location. There are 3 choices "on a hard disk", "on one or more DVDs" and "on a network location". Make sure where you want to save the full Windows 10 system backup and click "Next" to start full Windows 10 system backup.

full system backup windows 10

Step 4. Select the Windows 10 system drive letter, generally, it’s Letter "C" and then clicks "Start backup" to create system backup in Windows 10.

Part 2. Full Backup Windows 10 System Safely and Automatically

Compared with the built-in feature/tool in Windows 10 to make a backup of Windows 10 system, using a professional backup system software for help is much easier and efficiently. It allows you to schedule the backup, which means it will automatically create system backup windows 10 as you have set up. And you can also backup it to your computer, external hard drive and more for future use. Besides, any file or drive can be backed up as well. And iBeesoft Dback is one of the tools that specially designed for people to complete the backup Windows 10 operating system. Here are some of its main features:

Your Complete Windows 10 System Backup Software

full windows 10 system backup
  • Maximize the data protection of the whole Windows 10 system.
  • Clone hard drive in Windows 10 to the external drive, SSD, USB and more.
  • Avoid data loss due to virus attack, accidental deletion, OS Crash, or any other situation by cloning the entire system to another disk.
  • Multiple backup options including full image, incremental, and differential backup which can be used according to user requirements.

Check out how to use iBeesoft Dbackup to make windows 10 system backup

Step 1: If you want to backup your Windows 10 operating system to an external drive, then you need to connect the drive first. After then, launch the software.

Step 2: From the main interface, select the "System Backup" option. In the lower part of the panel, you can see the options of automatic backup, storage location, backup name as well. Customize it as you like. After then, click "Start" to complete system backup in Windows 10.

complete system backup windows 10

Note: if you have enabled the automatic backup, then it will do the backup as you have set up in the background, never bothers you. It’s the best if you want to have the latest version of your Windows 10 computer.