Windows 10 Backup - How to Backup Windows 10 to OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage platform. Given the advantages of storing content in the cloud, most individuals prefer it to store crucial data. Windows 10 is the new operating system across all the devices. Many users ask the question, "how to sync My Documents with OneDrive Windows 10?" The answer is simple – using backup software.

Part 1. Guide for How to Backup Windows 10 to OneDrive

Part 1. Recommended Software to Backup Windows 10

Guide for How to Backup Windows 10 to OneDrive

OneDrive application comes pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system. If the app is functioning, then it is possible to backup Windows 10 to OneDrive or backup PC to OneDrive with ease. The following steps help in carrying out the process with ease:

1. The first step involves launching the application and signing into the account.

2. After opening the application, one can browse to a specified location, select the same, and begin adding the files to OneDrive.

3. Clicking the "Update" button refreshes the files.

how to sync my documents with onedrive windows 10

4. Choose Windows 10 files and additional data that one wishes to update and click the "Open" button to automatic backup to OneDrive in Windows 10.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Backing up Windows 10 to OneDrive

1. Advantages

2. Disadvantages

Recommended Software to Backup Windows 10

Although several backup programs are available in the market, not all have the ability to fulfill the need to back up the entire Windows 10. The recommended software to backup Windows 10 to OneDrive is iBeesoft DBackup. The reason why it became the topper is due to its efficiency and robust algorithm. Likewise, the user interface and the options available also help the software retain the top position.

iBeesoft DBackup is a fast and reliable program when compared with others. It possesses the ability to back up everything on a computer, including Windows 10 files and other data. Likewise, users can choose to backup data from partitions, external hard drives, and other storage units. The following are the features that make it worth every penny:

Your Safe & Reliable NAS Backup Software

backup windows 10 to onedrive
  • File backup – select individual files or folders to simple and fast backup files in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Server.
  • Drive backup – clone a hard drive with efficiency and no loss of data. When the data changes, it can automatically complete the backup.
  • System backup – create Windows 10 system image backup from OS partition or the entire drive.

The Advantages of Using iBeesoft DBackup for Creating Windows 10 Backup

The answer to how to sync My Documents with OneDrive Windows 10 is using iBeesoft DBackup. The advantages it provides to the users make it the right choice to backup PC to the external hard drive or network drive in Windows 10. These include:

  • Offers multiple backup modes with the scheduling feature
  • Helps in creating image, incremental, and differential backup
  • Clones a hard drive with efficiency
  • Helps in restoring a computer from the created backup file

Step-by-Step Guide to Using iBeesoft DBackup to Backup Windows 10

Users can download the trial version from the official website. iBeesoft is offering complete the trial version with all the features enabled. After installation, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Clicking the icon on the desktop launches the software. The primary screen consists of three options – file backup, drive backup, and system backup.

how to backup windows 10 to onedrive

Step 2: Windows 10 is the latest computer operating system. It determines the functionality of the system and determines what is best for the performance by optimizing the resources. If there is no back up of the operating system, then re-installing the OS is the only option. It, however, erases all other data from the computer, and a user has to set up the computer from scratch.

Before beginning the process, connect an external hard drive to the computer. If not, then one can skip the process and choose the "System Backup" option. The window gives a choice to set the path to save the file name, file name, automatic backup option, and sector-by-sector backup.

After completing the settings, press the "Start" button begins the process. The time taken to complete the process is consuming. It is preferable to keep the system idle until the process completes.

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