How to Recover Photos from SD Card on Mac (macOS High sierra Supported)

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sd card photo recovery on mac

Want to recover photos from SD card on Mac? It is really hard to avoid losing photos because there are so many scenarios that for you delete photos on SD card intentionally or unintentionally:

Whether your photos lost due to formatting the SD card or you just delete the photos on the SD card accidently, they disappear right away. You can’t see and find them in the trash bin. The lucky side is that they are still on the SD card but without being seen. They are marked as deleted files, waiting to overwritten by new files. In this case, to increase the chances to recover photos from SD card on Mac, you need to stop any further operation on the SD card, and find the right way to recover the lost or deleted photos.

As I have mentioned, to recover the photos from SD card on Mac, it is better to do it sooner, otherwise you may lost them forever. To start the process of recovering photos from SD card on Mac, the first thing you need to do is to find and install a professional SD card photo recovery software tool for Mac. You can depends on iBeesoft data recovery for Mac. It is tool designed to recover photos from SD card on Mac.

Your reliable SD card photo recovery Mac software – iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac

Download iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac to have a try now!!!

Here are the step-by-step guide for how to recover photos from SD card on Mac.

Step 1. Connect SD card with Mac

Please note that you need to connect your SD card with your Mac, though it may not been recognized at all by your Mac. To make it secure to recover photos, you’d better use a card-reader to connect the SD card with your Mac.

Connect SD card with Mac

Step 2. Install iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac

Download the installation package of iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac. Install it like the way you install other software on your Mac. There will be no incompatibility issues at all. It is fully compatible with macOS High Sierra and former version, and virus free. During the recovering process, it never collects any of your personal information, but helping you get your photos back.

Step 3. Select photos to scan

Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac and select "Pictures" in the main window to scan. Pictures covers photos in the category. After then, click "Start".

sd card photo recovery for mac

Step 4. Select SD card to scan

In the next window, all partition on your Mac and all external hard drive, including SD card will be detect, asking you to choose the SD card you want to scan. Select it and click "Scan". It will takes you a few minutes to scan the SD card for photos. How long it takes fully depends on how many photos were there on your SD card.

scanning sd card to recover photos

Step 5. Recover photos from SD card on Mac

When the scanning process is finished, you can see all found files are displayed in the result window. Please select "Pictures", then check the target photo extension, say, .png, then you can see all photos in png on the right side. Preview them and find the ones you want to recover, then click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

recover photos from sd card on Mac

Tips for Recovering Lost Photos from Your SD Card on Mac

Don’t connect your SD card with your Mac via the camera or devices in case your device will overwritten the deleted photos with new data.

Don’t save the recovered photos from SD card to the original SD card again, avoiding the second time data loss.

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