How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card

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formatted sd card recovery

Connected your SD card with your computer, and a pop-up told you to format your SD card, otherwise, it can’t work properly, right? It happens all the time. The result is that, if you format your SD card, then you will find all of your data lost forever. The fact is that you can recover files from formatted SD card if you do it as soon as possible. Actually, all of your data on your SD card are not deleted permanently while you format your SD card. They’re still on your SD card, but invisible. Follow the instruction below to learn the details:

Part 1. How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card

Part 2. What Happens while Formatting Your SD Card

Part 3. Tips for SD Card Data Security

Part 1. How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card

As I have mentioned before, even if you have formatted your SD Card, chances are that you can recover them if you do the right things. What are the right things?

First, do not use your SD card right away after you realize you have done the formatting. When you use it, all data on it will disappear forever.

Second, find a stable and reliable program to recover photos, videos, and documents from the SD card. If you have little experience in finding such kind of software, you can try iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is professional tool to do the recovery. For sure, you can try other software as well. But I strongly recommend you try this one for the following reasons:

Following are the simple steps you can follow to restore files from formatted SD card with iBeesoft Data Recovery.

Note: iBeesoft Data Recovery is only for Windows PC currently. We’ll soon release the Mac version soon.

Step 1. Connect the Formatted SD Card with Your Computer

Insert the formatted SD card to your laptop or use a SD card reader to connect it with your desktop. Please ensure it is connected successfully. If connected successfully, it will appear as an extra flash drive in your Windows Explorer, name "Computer" or "My computer".

Connect Formatted SD Card with Your Computer

Step 2. Install iBeesoft Data Recovery

Click the download button to download iBeesoft Data Recovery installation file, .exe. Double-click it and follow the guide to install it on your Windows computer. After then, launch the software. From the very first window, you need to select the file types you need to recover. By default, all the supported file types are selected. Next, click "Start".

formatted sd card file recovery

Step 3. Select the Formatted SD Card to Scan

All the available hard drives and flash drives are displayed in the next window. You need to select the formatted SD card to scan directly. Generally, it only take a few minutes to finish the scanning process. If there are hundreds of files on your SD card, it will take longer than expected.

Select formatted sd card to scanning loss data

Step 4. Select Files to Recover from the Formatted SD Card

Lastly, all the found files are displayed in the result window. You need to check the files you want to recover and click "Recover", save them on your computer. Please note that, don’t save all the recovered files to your SD Card again. Otherwise, they will be lost again.

recover files from formatted sd card

Part 2. What Happens while Formatting Your SD Card

Never regard formatting SD card like a process of erasing a piece of paper with an eraser. Formatting process is actually the computer is trying hard to create new blocks of data, using them to fill in the gap of your SD card, make the original data invisible. So, the formatted data are somewhere on your SD card, you can get them back timely before other data overwritten them.

Part 3. Tips for SD Card Data Security

SD card is easy to carry anywhere you go and can be easily used with mobile phones and computers. However, it isn’t a security place to store your data. It is easy to corrupt and lost. To keep the security of your data, you need to save the copies to your computer regularly.

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